Hyrule Warriors Legends - Marin added to Link's Awakening DLC pack

Thanks to J22 and sebth1 for the heads up!


Love this design, wish they'd bring more Link's Awakening designs into the future.

I'm looking forward to seeing what ridiculous weapons and attacks Marin and all future characters have.

Link whatever U do don't look up! Opps too late U just got squid!

Sun Mar 27 16 12:37am
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Her special attack will be.....


She might if she is a...


...if you consider the no-deaths ending of Link's Awakening. I wonder if that will actually be part of this depiction.

That'll make for two bird girls.

Marin is such a bae. :P

I'm absolutely in love with this artwork... but I'm terrified she'll be smothered in anime tropes. Please let her keep her original personality. God; really makes me want a Link's Awakening remake...

Don't really understand her inclusion combat-wise, so hopefully they come up with something that fits without being overly goofy.

"really makes me want a Link's Awakening remake."

What exactly was wrong with it?
It was quite the moving game, and it made you think of things. Plus all those cameos, Oh wait, there was a remake: Link's Awakening DX for the Game boy Color. The original had that one white knight mobblin, and the DX version had a photoshop with a mouse who took photos you could print out on your Gameboy Printer.

"Don't really understand her inclusion combat-wise, so hopefully they come up with something that fits without being overly goofy."

She was really good at that skill crane game, she mostly sings and has many animal friends that assist her. So, summons and magic?

Sun Mar 27 16 08:55am
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I don't think they want a remake because anything was wrong with it, but because they want to experience the story with modern technology and graphics to make it potentially even better.

There was nothing wrong with it. There doesn't have to be anything 'wrong' with it for one to desire a remake. I just think it has a lot of potential to be beautifully fleshed out, enriched, and grow into a deeper experience with today's console tech (or tomorrow's) versus the Gameboy's in the 90s. Should be pretty obvious.

Further, colorizing something does not constitute a remake. Also should be obvious.

A remake in modern graphics with a 3D world instead of a top-down one would be a fun romp, that's all.
That, and it could set the stage for a sequel, or a "second quest" in which the island is real and you reunite with Marin while combating a new threat instead of the Nightmares.

Well but there have been some left-field characters already. Agitha was super random, and then King Daphnes & Medli aren't very logical choices, either. I'm sure they'll make Marin work.

Agitha is the only random one.

King Daphnes was literally with Link the near entirety of TWW and Medli was a Sage, who you also sort of play as. She makes just as much sense as Ruto & Darunia.

Marin is literally the only main character in Link's Awakening, so it makes sense.

There was also Tarin, but he played a much more passive role than Marin did...

In terms of general inclusion, yes, Agitha is the only random one, but I was talking in terms of who are logical gameplay choices. Daphnes spent most of Wind Waker as a boat and as far as I remember doesn't fight at all, and Medli didn't fight either, which is why due to their successful translations to Hyrule Warriors, I think Marin will fit in.

Ah, okay. Fair enough, yes.

There are a lot of people who get real huffy about that kind of thing and ignore characters already crossing that boundary.

Her weapons will be fruits to throw at the enemy lol.

That can of Dog Food, would probably do the most damage. Honey Combs could immobilize the enemy, and Banana peals could take out quite a few.

And those Coconuts.
Just realized just how dangerous projectile groceries can be.

Great to see Marin again.

Now, The only thing that I still want to see is some characters from the Oracle games. So much choice too
Din , Nayru , Farore ,Ralph, Veran, Onox, Maple and the animal helpers.

Sadly. It seems unlikely to happen at this point

Maple... I would cry of joy... XD
I really love witches. And there is so much potential as a moveset... I really see her flying on her broom as her running animation.... <3

This is crazy awesome. I never would've thought we'd see her again!

Nintendo, that's not FAIR...
I love that game more than you can possibly imagine, and now you add BEST GIRL to HWL?!
I can't afford a New3DS right now!
That's just not faaaaaair!T_T



She's still coming to the Wii U version, if you have that. The tweet straight up confirms it.

Sun Mar 27 16 10:58am
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I pray that's true and not a mis-translation/misunderstanding...because I want so badly to be able to see Marin in full HD. [honestly, if I could find a real woman that looked like Marin, I'd fall in love in a heart-beat, but that's by-the-by]

I wonder what weapon she'll use?
My guess is she'll use the 8 Wind Fish instruments as different parts of her various combos.

Sun Mar 27 16 12:14pm
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If the official info on DLC is anything to go by, then all the characters and weapons are coming to the Wii U version... it's all the extra stuff; the new Adventure Maps, the My Fairy stuff, the costumes, and any new story stuff like the Wind Waker story and Linkle's Story, that apparently isn't coming to the Wii U...

It was already confirmed in the press release for the DLC packs, and is on the official website.

All characters & weapons are coming to Wii U as DLC. The rest is not.

Also, non-lunatics confirm there is nothing wrong with the regular 3DS, but yeah.

Is that last part true?
I'm hoping so; it would give me a reason to get it without waiting till I can afford a N3DS.

Mon Mar 28 16 08:29am
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Can't say for certain, since I don't have Legends, but apparently it works alright on a regular 3DS... not as well as it does on a N3DS obviously, but it's still totally playable and enjoyable from what I've heard.

The general consensus of people who have only played the old 3DS version say that you will notice it is slow at first (especially if you are still playing the Wii U version), but you get used to it and stop noticing after a while. It is far from unplayable.

The bulk of people complaining how awful it is are people who have both 3DS and N3DS and they are like I CAN NEVER PLAY ON THAT, and why would you if you have the N3DS?

For what it is worth, if you ever played the N64 versions of Ocarina and Majora's Mask (and I mean on the N64), it runs about as fast as that on the old 3DS. They actually have less fps than standard N64 games.

The biggest complaint is the fact enemies kinda pop-in pop-out because you can't have as many on screen, so it is harder to rack up kills but this is a problem on both 3DS & N3DS.

Old 3DS doesn't have 3D for HWL, but 3D makes N3DS drop framerate anyway.

Honestly, I don't remember how slow MM was on the N64.XD
But if it's comparable to the framerate on MM for 3DS, during the few times the frames dip, I think I could live with that.

Mon Mar 28 16 09:28pm
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I am getting the 3DS version this week and only have an original 3DS, so I can get back to you on that, but yeah.

Not sure about the fps on MM3D since I honestly never cared about how many fps anything is. Haha.

Well, I only care about FPS up to the point of making a game run without looking like it's lagging.
That's usually a minimum of 30fps.
Beyond that, I don't really care how many frames a game has, either; it's never affected my enjoyment of it.
I just consider 30 to be the standard acceptible base-line.
Lemme know how that 3DS version works out for ya. My own purchase decision may hinge on that.

Tue Mar 29 16 12:50pm
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Well, as a heads up (still don't have it yet), the clocked fps is around 20fps for old 3DS.

This is why I mentioned N64, because OoT & MM ran at 20 fps as well.

OoT3D & MM3D run at 30fps, and co-op in Hyrule Warriors on Wii U drops to 30 fps.

I've recently had Game Grumps playing OoT on N64 as background noise and honestly, it looks fine at 20fps. I don't know what the heck the Biri tentacles run at, though, because they look like what 30fps looks like in Smash 3DS.

Wow, Neat! I couldn't figure out who they would include from Link's Awakening given that nobody else really "fights". But I guess that's not stopping them from including my favorite character from that game.

Can't wait to see how it goes.

If they can add AGITHA, then pretty much anyone is fair game, IMO.XD

Sun Mar 27 16 08:53am
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So Marin will be the LA character then? Very interested to see how she plays... I'm thinking she summons animals with her singing.

Sun Mar 27 16 01:20pm
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Ty very much for this Nin/TN but really Links Awakening needs to be remade. That game would hold up if remade in a 3d world & some changes to it if so. I really hope they consider bringing out a remake to it.

I am surprised I haven't seen much talk about the pic circulating around that her weapon is the Sea Lily Bell (one of the 8 instruments).

Mon Mar 28 16 09:58pm
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Question: If one purchased Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U back when it first came out in 2014, and then they also went on to buy every every piece of DLC that has since been released (and preordered all the DLC that was going to be released), exactly how much have they spent in total?

Tue Mar 29 16 12:40pm
(Updated 2 times)

More money than your wallet can hold, but catch me a bunch of bugs and I can hook you up.


Nintendo is too good to ever do DLC.



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