RUMOR - Nintendo bringing big, plentiful first party support to NX

The following comes from Emily Rogers...

- in a single year, the NX will build a larger library of games than Wii U produced in three or four years
- goal behind NX is to vastly increase the software output from Nintendo’s first party teams and studios
- entire process of how Nintendo develops and produces software has gone through radical changes
- new strategy that was put in place to create and release first party software at a faster rate
- multiple unannounced Wii U projects were moved over to NX
- NX could potentially see the highest output of first party software over its lifespan in the company’s history

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Wed Apr 20 16 12:33am
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I have inside information that new "unprecedented partnerships" will be announced at this year's E3!

Yes, but what about the Virtual Console? How are we handling that? If I lose my Wii titles, no deal.

Wed Apr 20 16 12:24am
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I would assume VC titles will be handled just as they were on the Wii and WiiU: terribly.

Wii started out super strong until about 2009, then they just lost the will to even bother trying anymore.

Wii U has some unique stuff, but so much time has been lost rebuilding what the Wii already had for years.

You probably just log in with your account. Oh wait...

You mean My Nintendo, and the NNID's.
So, yes. An account.
One that will become much more fully fleshed out once the NX is around for it to connect to.

My Nintendo is the reward system for buying games and mobile stuff.

Nintendo Account is the thing that ties everything together, including NNID (online play on Wii U and 3DS) and social media.

I wonder if the NX will use the NNID, make a new account system again (that will need to be linked to the Nintendo Account), or if you can sign in with the Nintendo Account directly.

There is still plenty room for Nintendo to mess stuff up here. I'm hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

Still waiting for that answer, too. Seeing as the DSi Shop is being shuttered in 2017, I don't exactly have a lot of confidence. :/

Seeing how the PS4 doesn't has B.C and is the most succesful console now, the Wii U has it and is selling terribly and remasters and ports sell more and bring more profits...I am pretty sure B.C is pretty much dead.

Nah its still there. XB1 is making strides. Got my Trials HD back and I didnt have to pay for the game again. Imagine that.

What concerns me is that all of those titles that have come out, and will never come back, whether pulled from the service, or the company has folded in the last ten years. Wii games survived the transfer to Wii U, but will they go another round?

Also rebuying games, which holds zero appeal for me.

Also "starting from scratch" again, meaning none of the existing content is immediately available, and we have to wait a year to see Excitebike, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, and Balloon Fight all over again.

If that happens, and I want this new system, I'm guessing that I can't/won't do a system transfer. I (and I'd imagine several of you folks) have far too many digital games to just throw away.

I'm ready for Twilight Princess HD DX.

Wed Apr 20 16 12:36am
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Don't forget & Knuckles

Come on! Diddy Kong Racing 2!

And the big, plentiful third party support?

Wed Apr 20 16 12:33am
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I have inside information that new "unprecedented partnerships" will be announced at this year's E3!

I can confirm this inside information.

And they'll be discarded by next year's E3!

If it's a decent first year, and then silence for the rest of the system life, Nintendo's not going to be able to do this for much longer.

I personally think they are killing off the Wii U far too early.

Sounds like a bunch of wishful thinking. What kind of "strategy" would allow them to release first party software at a faster rate other than putting out lower quality games? I distinctly remember both GameCube and Wii having pretty terrible software droughts at the end of their generations and neither of their successors benefited by having stellar launch lineups.

Having a console and handheld share games would double the amount of first party content received on a device.

Yeah, that's been the main draw of the hybrid theory (along with various sorta-kinda-maybe hints over the past year).

Also, if we assume that Wii U development is being curtailed earlier than expected (as Emily suggests with the porting comment), then there is indeed a difference between it and the previous two consoles. Though actually, the Wii did benefit from some projects that were started on GCN, and its first year was leaps and bounds above the Wii U's.

Exactly. I work in the software industry, and unless Nintendo is one of the least efficient developers out there, and therefore have a bunch of easy ways to improve their development process (which I can't believe), there's only one thing that could make a significant difference to development times: HIRING TONS MORE PEOPLE.

Well the U is pretty much dried up this year so the games that were suppose to hit the U are instead coming to NX. But I wana see how long they will continue to support the U after the release of NX like they said.

Wed Apr 20 16 12:40am
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in a single year, the NX will build a larger library of games than Wii U produced in three or four years

There have been 30+ major retail releases published by Nintendo in all regions (depending on what you count as "major", and when your cut-off point is).

30 1st-party games over the course of a year is obviously absurd, so either Emily is being hyperbolic, or that first bullet point hints at much better 3rd party support.

Wed Apr 20 16 01:39am
(Updated 1 time)

That would only apply if you compare Wii U first party to NX third party. The posted rumor only states it'll have a larger library than Wii U. If you're going to include 3rd party NX you might as well compare it to 3rd party Wii U which gives you hundreds of games, not ~30. I'm guessing they honestly meant 1st/2nd party Wii U games only.

Didn't they combine the console and mobile hardware divisions a year or two back? This will probably be a successor to both the Wii U and 3DS and so they'll technically get away with having all those games because they'd have more than the Wii U (but less than the 3DS). Half of them will probably be smartphone style games, ports/remasters and backwards compatible/VC style games. If they port over old content it still technically builds a larger library than 1st party Wii U games Nintendo produced.

Anyone know where one can find a list of all the rumors sorted by the leakers? Would love to see who predicted things correctly and who just spouted out every possibility.

Exciting, but if it's true, I hope it doesn't mean quantity over quality.

A biggest catalog is very important for a succesful console in the eyes of the customers. NES, SNES, Genesis, PS1, PS2 and even the Wii had a very big catalog and sold very well. N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Wii U had a very small cataloh and sold bad.

NX must be a mainstream console. Not a geeks-otakus-Firemblem one.

No matter how big a catalog it is, if it has no third party support it won't be enough. I would honestly much prefer to have another N64 situation where we get fewer games but some of them are extremely ambitious and masterpieces (no the Wii U was not like that, it had few games and most of them were also low-budget).

Ports. Ports everywhere.

If the rumors hold any truth, it will be Splatoon, Smash Bros., Super Mario Maker and the new Zelda to start with.

I said it in another comment, but I think they are killing off the Wii U too soon, when they already have sustainable titles like these already out of coming... soon(?) for Zelda.

"This time it will be different!"

Sure it will.

It has to, if Nintendo is planning to stay around that is.

Not like they had any for the last couple years of the Wii U.

Do you think maybe they'll do what you said? Making more titles at a lower budget to diversify and add quantity to their system?

If true this sounds like they'll attempt to support themselves alone again.

i think they know they can only make so many partnerships with so many third parties. In order to get them on their system, they need to show them that there is a market for NX, and the best way to show that is to have a strong launch.

"Do you think maybe they'll do what you said?"

Technically, what I said was that Nintendo should expand the number of studios it has so that it could release more games at a consistent level of quality.

That takes significant resources, though, so the time where that was a practical move was eight years ago.

"Making more titles at a lower budget to diversify and add quantity to their system?"

It is not even necessarily a budget thing. Good games take time to make.

Could Nintendo have cut off two years from Zelda Wii U's dev cycle? Yeah. Would that make it a better game? Doubtful. What would Aonuma and his team do with the extra time? Probably work on another Zelda game.

The question of diversification goes to how well they manage the limited number of games that they do manage to release. During most of the Wii U's lifespan, I suggested that maybe instead of having ten sequels and one new IP each year, they should have thought about maybe making the ratio slightly more equal, like seven-to-four.

It is tough, specially considering like we've discussed before some of the best Zeldas have had the shortest development time and worst has had the most. So I don't know. Variables change all the time.

If the game output from Nintendo increases it could also be a possibility they release more subpar games, even from them.

Anyway we're getting close to know what's next, and I think it's 50-50 chance of either being a trainwreck or the boring, "traditional, graphic, standard" of our time, that will not have the best third party support.

It's tough.

"It is tough, specially considering like we've discussed before some of the best Zeldas have had the shortest development time and worst has had the most"

In fairness, the ones with the shorter dev time had the benefit of being on handhelds/re-using assets and engines from previous games. I am more sympathetic to Zelda Wii U's lengthy dev cycle than, say, Skyward Sword's. The former is not just going to be a built-from-scratch affair but also the first from-the-ground-up HD Zelda game, so they kinda needed to spend all that time working on WW and TP remakes to learn how to develop in HD to begin with.

"Anyway we're getting close to know what's next, and I think it's 50-50 chance of either being a trainwreck or the boring, "traditional, graphic, standard" of our time, that will not have the best third party support."

Honestly, if it can get to the graphical standards of our time and does not have a whacky control-scheme that alienates developers, it should start getting most of the same third-party multiplats that everyone else is getting.

Third-party exclusives are getting so rare that I am not certain it really matters which system has 'the best' third-party support when all companies are getting versions of nearly every game.

It should start getting most of the same third-party multiplats that everyone else is getting.

I've resigned to the idea of them ever getting someone like Rockstar, Bethesda or other company with those credentials.

If anything because their image will need to change in order to promote their games in their console. Just putting an example, if their games have had Wii U releases how will that worked in Miiverse, what about the eShop, or even the color they used for the boxes. I know it might seem irrelevant but it's kind of jarring isn't it?

Wed Apr 20 16 01:09am
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So ArcadeGirl64 is the original Emily Rogers or some other one? The podcast confused me on this...

Original Emily Rogers.

I don't want more filler games. I'm hoping for real hardcore games, third party support, cross-buy / cross-gen VC. No gimmicks, a real console, with real games.

Wed Apr 20 16 06:59am
(Updated 1 time)

Agreed, Nintendo's 1st party Wii U stuff had way too much worthless filler. More is not necessarily better. Quality over quantity wins every time for me.

And then in the end we will get a Mario game as launch title and then for 6 months nothing like it was with the WiiU

What immediately popped into my head:

-lots of ports of old games (from Wii U to NX)
-more "remakes" and "HD ports" of games from the Wii and Gamecube, and maybe the N64 (like what they've done with Zelda: Ocarina or Time and Majora's Mask).
-more games not getting physical releases (like Fatal Frame)
-more lower-budget or quickly-made, digital-only games, like Pushmo, Box Boy, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and Spirit Camera

This doesn't sound good, if true. If the NX ends up being this way, and they STILL don't have good third party support at the level that Xbox and PlayStation are, then the NX just isn't the console for me, and I am D-O-N-E with Nintendo.

Honestly I think you're right. They're probably sorting out licensing for 3rd party VC games now so they can immediately "build" the NX library with those, remasters/ports, Wii U games dropped/moved to NX, shorter and more "focused" experiences like AC:HHD, etc.

They'll probably break apart at least a few games to make "quick play" mobile versions of them where you can play for 5-10 minutes then stop and come back. I wouldn't be surprised to see more short minigame collections like Nintendo Land.

I sure hope you're wrong, because that would be a disaster.

I'm trying hard to find the "rumour" here...

Speeding up dev time and having a larger library than the entirety of Wii U?

There's only so many ways to speed up a game's dev time without throwing a million people at the problem (and creating a million bugs). That rumor implies they're looking to make smaller gaming experiences more often than larger ones less often. Think Nintendoland, AC:HHD or any of the Mario spinoffs vs. games like Metroid Prime, Star Fox or Zelda Wii U.

...except that nintendo themselves and all rumors suggest that they are aiming for the core player base of nintendo and sony and microsoft, which those games dont appeal to.

It sounds alot more like the idea of making games smaller and maybe just selling them for less, which would be a better system anyways. I doubt a majority of gamers who also have to keep up with xbox and playstation and pc releases have the kind of money needed to shell out 60 bucks for every game they want across their systems, and the rapid pace at which big name titles are being pumped out these days ensure that most people (especially the college age demo that is the majority of buyers) have to think real hard about what huge game they are getting this month, because buying them all is costly, and they will likely have little time to play everything they get. If nintendo is spending any amount of money researching the people they claim they want to attract, they know all this.

attractive games for low cost and short investment time required = money
This is exactly why episodic games are so popular, why survivalcraft games make millions of dollars despite all being the same freaking thing (and none of them good), why games like stardew valley are in the top 5 sales on steam (id be surprised if a nintendo development team took more than a month to make the same game).

Its also why people freaked out over no man's sky being 60 bucks, because people (on pc) can get similar games for 20 bucks, and they can get them right now.

What makes you think Star Fox is a large production? If anything, it perfectly fits this new scheme. It's a relatively low budget game, outsourced to a 3rd party so that it doesn't clog their own studios.

1. It's a rumor, and nothing else until proven otherwise.

2. I'll believe it when I see it.

3. Getting a steadier flow of games is a good thing, but if it is anything even remotely approaching rushing software to get it out faster, then that is NOT ever a good thing. Nintendo has proven over the decades that taking longer to make a GOOD game, instead of rushing something out just to have something out, is always the right way to go.

If the "New Nintendo" merely changes their ways to more closely match the way many Western companies operate, then that is absolutely a bad thing.

4. First party titles cannot carry a console alone. Wii U has proven that.

5. I am already long since past having NX talk fatigue. It's getting really really really old. The Wii U isn't dead yet, and honestly deserves it's final year in the sun without everyone rushing off to see the brand new thing. That is precisely why Zelda U should remain Wii U exclusive, because the system, and it's long-term owners most especially, deserve that ONE defining game of the console, which honestly it has yet to ever truly receive.

I've said it before, and it bears repeating: people cheering for NX to come out in 2016, are honestly cheering for NX to wind up just like Wii U did, no matter what these rumors claim. Nintendo needs to take their time, with the console, with new games, with marketing, with everything. Period.

well I want to believe this rumor , more games that's an idea I could get behind.
As for re releases, unless some really dedicated and talented devs are willing to upgrade them 3ds style, I don't care as much.

Wed Apr 20 16 02:28am
(Updated 1 time)

Zelda NX (Port), Smash 4 NX (port), Donkey Kong Country: Kremling Chaos (Retro Studios), New 3D Mario game (EAD Tokyo), Luigi's Mansion 3 (NLG), Mario Maker: Directors Cut(port with new features), Mario Kart 9(Nintendo), Hyrule Warriors NX(port), Animal Crossing NX (Nintendo), Pikmin 4 (Nintendo), and Warioware NX (intelligent systems) will be first year and a half.

Second year will consist of: New Kirby title (Hal Lab), new IP (Retro Studios), Mario Party 11 (ND Cube), Diddy Kong Racing 2 (Monster Games), Amiibo centric game ala Skylanders/infinity (Nintendo), Pokemon game of some sort (Pokemon Company/Gamefreak), New home console Fire Emblem game (intelligent systems).

3rd year will have: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Monolith Soft), SplaTwoon (Nintendo), F-Zero GX HD (remake/port by Monster Games), New Metroid game (Nintendo), Mario superstar baseball 3 (Namco/Nintendo), Punch-Out!! NX (NLG), Kid Icarus: Uprising 2 (Sora ltd/Hal Labs)

4th year will have: Another main Zelda game (Nintendo), Paper Mario for NX (intelligent systems), Star Fox for NX (Platinum Games), Super Mario Sunshine HD (EAD Tokyo), Mario Golf NX (Camelot), New 3D Donkey Kong game (co- developed by Retro Studios and Playtonic Games), Another Pokemon spin-off.

5th and final year of the NX's life cycle will consist of: Another Kirby game (Hal Lab), Mario Party 12 (ND Cube), Super Mario Strikers 3 (NLG), Wario & Waluigi's Wicked Wonderland (Good-Feel), Sin & Punishment 3 (Treasure), and Rhythm Heaven: Blitz (intelligent systems).

New amiibo figures for NX include: Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong , King K. Rool, Waluigi, Ridley, Toadette, Daisy, Classic overalls Wario, Gengar, Crazy Redd, Sylux, Sceptile, Tingle, Wolf O'Donnel, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, Funky Kong, Impa, Raichu, Bandana Dee, Krystal, All seven Koopalings, Zoroark, Snorlax, King Boo, King Hippo, a whole Fire Emblem line, Paper Mario, and a Sonic line of amiibo.

There will also be more Nintendo partnerships some of these titles include Bayonetta 3, Mario & Sonic: Olympic Games NX, exclusive Sonic title, exclusive Rayman title, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Nintendo vs. Capcom, Monster Hunter 4 + Generations HD, Resident Evil 7 (wont be exclusive but have exclusive content), Prince of Persia NX revival, Tomb Raider NX (be a port of the second game with Nintendo exclusive costumes), No More Heroes 3 (co-funded by Nintendo), New Mega Man game (co-funded by Nintendo), Final Fantasy ports (with nintendo costumes).

I know all of this info because my cousin's sister is the secretary to Reggie Fil-Aime who was listening in on a phone conversation from Kimashima and Miyamoto during a Nintendo meeting that took place 6 months in the future on a Saturday evening. Trust me guys she's legit!

I'll take this rumor as a grain of salt. I'll wait and see if these rumors are true or not.

Can the use of other game engine like UE4 speed up developing time?

Otherwise Nintendo could do games like the new Ratchet&Clank game which is <20 h for 40$/€ and people still LOVE IT.

This rumor made me think of PSV and IT's cross-buy-games with PS4.
Console games+handheld games=Twice as many game! (?)

I don't see why UE4 would improve dev time, if anything, Nintendo's employees are familiar with the current pipeline and with UE4 they would actually have to learn that engine from scratch.

It sounds very good. Let's hope it is true.

The "highest output of first party software over its lifespan in the company’s history" is definitely impossible if you consider NES and SNES which had tons of first party games, in an era where game development was much faster.

But getting more 1st party games in a year than the WiiU got in 3 years is not that hard to do, hell the WiiU still is severely lacking in 1st party titles.

Good, I was afraid 1st party support would have left Nintendo too.

Wed Apr 20 16 11:36am
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Heh. Good one.


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