GameFreak registers 'Solgaleo' and 'Lunaala' names

GameFreak just registered two trademarks that look like they're tied to Pokemon Sun and Moon. Could we be seeing the mascot names for each version? The names registered were Solgaleo and Lunaala, which certainly tie into the Sun and Moon themes quite well. I guess we'll find out soon enough!

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Wed Apr 20 16 12:27am
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Sounds like stripper names here in Texas.

Edit: Not that I would know, haha.

…*raises eyebrow*

That was a quick edit there, buddy. ;)

So are you a Solgaleo or Lunaala kind of man?

Hah, the edit made it worse!

Wed Apr 20 16 12:39am
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They also registered "Gigareki", but they dont know if thats tied to pokemon or the other two.

I wish there was a way for them to register these trademarks without the registration becoming public before their announcement is even made. It's not like anyone was chomping at the bit to register Solgaleo.com or anything. The trademark should go on the books only once the official reveal is done.

Wed Apr 20 16 02:38am
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They definitely sound like the names of legendaries for this version.

Sol = Sun
Leo = Lion?
Luna = Moon
Ala = Wing (according to a quick online dictionary search).

So possibly some kind of lion and a bird or winged creature (especially considering the circle in both version's symbols seem to represent the head of the respective creatures).

It's just a wild guess, but I wanna put it down now before GameXplain makes a video about it for posterity.

So GameFreak is partnering up with Clamp to bring over Cerberus (Keroberos) and Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura? =P

For the record, Game Freak didn't register these. They were registered by an IP lawyer. Nothing connects it to Pokémon, yet.

okay now they're just pulling out scrabble tiles at random for this stuff.

Solgaleo? Galileo reference? Sign me up for sunbros

Wed Apr 20 16 08:46am
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Sounds like Solgaleo's name comes from Galileo. It makes sense, since he was one of the proponents of the heliocentric model of the solar system (the idea that the sun is at the center of the solar system). He even went into a museum and DESTROYED a model of the universe because it was geocentric (had the Earth at the center). That guy was very serious about his sun.

Leo is of course lion-like, with Nala (while a bit of a stretch) being a Lioness from the Lion King.

Hope that this Lunaala is an Owl legendary. Would be awesome!

The recent and great Pyroar line would mean another Lion pokemon, even a Legendary one, has it's work cut out for it I feel, though.

Galeo can also be a kind of shark in Spanish (more precisely, the basking shark, also called the sun-fish...)


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