GN Exclusive - Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice (Book II) Hits 3DS/Wii U May 26th

Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice (Book II)

Oakland, CA. – May 19, 2016 – Muteki in partnership with Choice Provisions today announces the upcoming release of their retro title, Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice! The second entry of the Dragon Fantasy series is arriving on 3DS and Wii U in North America on May 26, 2016. The game was developed by Muteki Corporation and will be published by Choice Provisions; The Black Tome of Ice is rated T” for Teen and will be available for $9.99 (USD) on each platform.

Join Ogden and the heroes of Westeria in this classic JRPG epic, Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice. Travel through the frozen wastelands of Tundaria, experiencing action-packed battles without random encounters, using spatially aware Area-of-Effect attacks and power moves. Travel by pirate ship, defending against enemies in thrilling ship-to-ship rock monster combat! Defeat oncoming hordes of demons and huge bosses that threaten the entire world of Dragon Fantasy!

Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice is a remastered version of Dragon Fantasy: Book 2, which was originally released for PlayStation 3 and Vita in 2013. The update list is fairly extensive, but here’s a broad overview of just some of the changes and improvements players will encounter in this new version of the game:

*New dialog that ensures those who never played Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria will be up-to-speed and ready to go
*The Bestiary, first introduced in Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria, arrives in The Black Tome of Ice. Track the monsters you’ve defeated and captured!
*New items!
*An all-new boss!
*A difficulty slider!
*Lots of bug fixes!

The game will also be making its way to PC via Steam in the near future.



Thu May 19 16 09:40am
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Nice exclusive, RMC!

Cool to see Choice Provisions partnering with other companies to release games on the eShop.

Very cool. More things with dragons the better.

My question is, will it have a cross-buy option like there was for VoW?

Looks like they're being sold individually.

Well, that's okay, I guess. I haven't really touched the Wii U version as much as the 3DS version, anyway. I really love the first game's sense of humor, and I'm sure the second's is just as good, so I'm in either way. :3

I adore both games, but Natsume and Muteki have a long history, so I'm biased ;)


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