Hyrule Warriors trademark abandoned

Here's a little bit of strange information for you. Just as we get some new DLC for Hyrule Warriors Legends, Nintendo has abandoned the trademark for Hyrule Warriors. This abandonment is going to have little-to-no impact on the games themselves, but we're not quite sure why Nintendo let this happen. It'll be interesting to see if they pick the trademark back up or let things stay as they are.


They should make a deal with Bandai Namco and make Steel Diver X Ace Combat. Whatever this means, I have really been enjoying Legends.

As crazy as that sounds, it also could totally work.

Not that I need to tell you, since your name is kinda obvious on this and all, but Steel Diver is super underrated.

Steel Diver is super underrated.

I know. Everyone goes ape shove;l over Splatoon as the best new Nintendo IP. Where's the love at?

Probably because the first one was a 3DS launch game, then the second was a "free to play" game. But Sub Wars is actually worth paying the $10 into or whatever for the "full" version.

Thu May 19 16 03:19pm
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Why on earth would they let this happen, the game has already crossed the million mark, the sequel should be well underway!

Thu May 19 16 04:29pm
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Hopefully NX will get its own real Zelda game this time instead of these cheap spin offs.

You mean like the one it is already getting the same time as Wii U?

And the fact Hyrule Warriors is in no way a "cheap" spin-off with how much freaking content it had?

I mean its own Zelda game, like all the consoles before the WiiU got.
Repetitive content is not my definition of lots of content. The game was just a reskinned warriors game, which would have been sub-par if not for the Zelda skin.

I hope this is just an oversight because I would love a sequel. It wouldn't make sense to NOT make one considering how much it sold.

The games did so well, why did they let this happen? Does this mean there won't be a sequel?

With how lazily made and pathetically short Hyrule Warriors was, perhaps they're giving up on it. :D

Since "Hyrule Warriors" is not trademarked, now *I* can use it. Mwa ha ha.

Thu May 19 16 10:14pm
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lol, its a reskin of a poor game, admit it... hyrule warriors don't mean crap, so why pay for it...

Could there be a mistake in the trademark so they dropped it to redo it or they could have just updated it?...


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