Nintendo seemingly forgoes booth at GDC 2017

It's a bit early to say confirmed, but the current booth floorplans for GDC 2017 lack a traditional Nintendo booth. This actually isn't too surprising, considering how Nintendo passed up traditional booths at the last two GDC events. Also following a trend from the last 2 years, Nintendo has grabbed 3 meeting room spots at the show. In other words, they'll be attending GDC for meetings, but won't have a booth to display content.

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I wouldn't be surprised if more developers skip GDC 2017.

Mon May 23 16 04:45pm
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When I was a journalist, GDC was so incredibly hit and miss it was frustrating to try and decide whether to send staff to cover the show. Some years it's got major announcements; other years it's got practically no news.
GDC has an identity crisis; it can't really figure out where it wants to sit between a dev con and a media con. At least they've apparently shuttered the Texas show, which hopefully means they'll refocus on San Fran.

Kind of hard to have a booth when you have nothing to show.


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