Nintendo & Grezzo working on Ever Oasis for 3DS

More details to be added to this post...

- Action RPG
- switch between characters when battling
- Tethu is the main character, play as male or female
- dungeons can be found in giant pots
- create your own oasis that can grow larger
- various tribes exist in the games, including noots, which are owl/penguin hybrids
- build shops and then keep it stocked, sell your inventory and supply other stores to get money
- you can collect money with your wind ability and then build new shops
- build parties with each character having their own special ability
- Tethu's wind ability can be used to solve puzzles as well
- build different type of shops, including juice shop
- Tethu is a seedling, and shops are grown through seeds
- Tethu is a chosen seedling, which lets him grow an entire oasis
- Dragon Lizard tribe can join your party at some point
- goal is to have more people come to your oasis
- wind ability is called Green Gale
- harvest from items in the game
- press X for strong, slow attack and A for fast, quick attack
- ability to dodge attacks
- synthesis weapons and equipment with items you collect
- get sidequests from people in your oasis, which can lead you to finding new party members
- Roto can transform into a pellet and roll around into areas that other characters can't
- puzzles in the game can involve multiple rooms
- lock-on ability for enemy attacks, which also tells your party to attack the same monster
- certain characters may be stronger against different enemy types
- 'Chaos' comes in and kidnaps Tethu's brother, which leads to you being rescued and creating your own oasis
- Chaos is taking over the creatures in the desert and turning them into monsters
- when you defeat the monsters, they turn back into their original form
- Baastu is a giant enemy you face in one of the dungeons
- Miura fights with a spear, Tethu with a sword and Roto with a bola
- later on you can get different weapons with varied ranges
- shops can't be stocked or visited at night
- enemies are harder at night
- you can harvest items and goods from your garden, as well as plant things to help revenue at shops

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Wed Jun 15 16 02:12pm
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Reminds me of that Monster Hunter RPG. Is this classified has a new Nintendo owned IP? If so, let's kill of Daisy.

Most likely, since they are publishing it

I can almost guarantee it with the relationship regarding Grezzo. But. cannot confirm it until closer to its own release.

But like most new IP, it will be dismissed while arguing Nintendo needs to make new IP, which only means major successful ones, and I doubt this one will go that direction.

Is the the low budget game that is aimed at kids?

Gosh, some people are only here to rant everything in the ground.

Game looks really charming.

while i wouldnt call it "low budget", i do feel like with the art direction taken, it seems like its going to a younger audience.

for me, i would like a rpg like this with mh4u art style. it can be done, why dont they do it?

This looks like fun. Definitely going to check it out!

From what I read, this sounds more like a cross between Tales of and whatever town building BS trash Apps for phones are.

Was hoping for a more Zelda 2 or Doki Doki Panic type deal when they mentioned action RPG style. Whatever, Pass.

Wow, Grezzo's finally working on their own game rather than 3DS Zelda remakes, I'm so proud of them.

It seems like a general trend for most 2nd party teams working with Nintendo.

They help Nintendo out with some evergreen IPs (Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem, Kirby, Pokemon, etc.) and they eventually get a chance to work on some original IPs (BoxBoy, Pushmo, Codename Steam, Pocket Card Jockey, etc.).

I agree, it's great to see what Grezzo can do when not tied to another IP.

Ehm...sure, but the examples you named are made by HAL, Intelligent Systems and Game Freak.

HAL has been around since forever and have made many games before they first started making games for Nintendo, Intelligent Systems has been a part of Nintendo since the NES days and was partially responsible for things like Fire Emblem and Metroid, and Game Freak has been around since the late 80's and have made games before Pokémon, and have had a few other IPs since 1996 as well.

And, they didn't exactly 'help out' as flat-out create series like Kirby, Fire Emblem and Pokémon.

Wed Jun 15 16 02:38pm
Rating: 1

Looks really fun. Reminds me of Fantasy Life a little bit. However, Nintendo does a really terrible job of demoing their new games. She just walked around town doing nothing for 2/3 of the time

Honestly, I think desert is a bland setting, something that can really only look good with a lot of detail in HD.

The game itself looks neat! I wonder with Grezzo's experience working on the Zelda remakes If the dungeons will feel Zelda-esc.

It's kind of odd just how many DS/3DS games have been in a "chibi" art style. *shrug*

That art style ages the best, to be honest.

You had me at Owl Penguins

This looks really interesting. I'm really happy that this guy is still trying to create his own IP. I love his work.

I hope this game has New Game+ or at least continue on after the end.


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