The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the 'most searched' game of E3 2016

The following data comes from research company ListenFirst...

The data above comes from search results data, which was analyzed from Sunday until Thursday of this week.


Sat Jun 18 16 01:32pm
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These result seem somewhat skewed/biased as well. If we consider the initial gathering from a third party from that first graph article posted pertaining to this years E3 a couple of days ago(Of which suggest that Battlefield 1 is actually second to BotW and GoW being 5th or somewhere in the middle, I mean, this chart doesn't even mention FIFA) to be any indication.

The second part also seems out of order in one way or another. I mean, Bethesda being beat by Ubisoft and Sony being in between instead of near or above Xbox? And it says: Organic consumer interest. Does that just mean people that where there, or actual interest? Cause I might believe it just counts people that were there, since XBox had like a whole auditorium with people in seats, where as most of the space for Nintendo was a standing line that only held 500 at a time which did not allow for more people to occupy for the duration.
. . .
Mayhaps that Was Nintendo's Charade. Make it seem like there was a lot of interested people there, when what it actually was was a ploy to make it seem like a whole lot of people actually went since most of that time was occupied waiting in a line, by the same people.

This is something to think over. . .

It's pretty obvious Zelda would be the winner in this if you've been on the internet during E3. God of War makes sense too although a decent chunk of people were also talking about that because they weren't happy with the direction it took.

Sat Jun 18 16 03:11pm
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WOW 1 GAME....vs so much AAA titles....WOW Nintendo. That's just amazing. I thought we had no chance up against the "gaming behemoths".

I will say, I wasn't looking forward to the internet vitriol it always is to Nintendo. But this... This was a surprise.

Bask in the glory Nintendo. Now let's see how the rest of 2016 goes.....

Probably not super well since two of their titles, Federation Force and Color Splash are both so hated. :/

Oh well, I am getting both and I forsee a awesome 2017, so I'm good~

I don't see how Xbox was the most popular, because the only interesting game they had to reveal was The Happy Few, but even that pales against the new Zelda game, and all Sony had to show.

I think the only reason Xbox got talked about so much in the end was due to the Scorpio project talk. And even then, the day after they immediately sent mixed messages on what that [and it's X1 Slim] would be capable of [compared to the prior day].

So yeah, it definitely wasn't due to it's games.

Sun Jun 19 16 02:32am
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Why is God of War so high? It's not that it's a bad series but as far as spectacle fighters go, it's on the rather shallow end of the spectrum. Are people really just that enamoured by the shinies?

New, unexpected direction for the series [over the shoulder perspective, training a kid alongside Kratos]. I doubt without such it'd have been talked about nearly as much.

I don't really understand these "organic" results. The list doesn't really gel with what was happening on twitter so I'd like to know how these results were determined. I understand Xbox having a high amount of searches with the One S, Scorpio and Xbox Design Lab, but the rest of it seems a little off to me.


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