Metroid Prime: Federation Force - amiibo support detailed


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I am interested in this game. Downvote I dare you.

I am interested in this game. Downvote I dare you.

Dare is impossible. There are no downvote buttons. :p

(even so, I wasn't going to downvote you, anyways)

Mon Jun 20 16 09:52pm
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Mon Jun 20 16 10:08pm
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People are going to be really upset over the Samus armor.

Tue Jun 21 16 07:46am
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Who exactly? At least on GoNintendo, every single comment on this game of late has been gushingly positive.

Maybe there's hate elsewhere on the net, but practically all criticism has been pushed out of the conversation by the anti-hate crowd on this site.

Truthfully, most of the comments here are about the game getting too much hate and 'Get ready for something controversial! I'm actually interested in this.' - and all those comments get upvotes.

I talking about the internet in general. People love hating on this game and the Samus armor being locked being an amiibo is just going to give them another reason to whine,

Blastball looks like fun. Good thing I have a Zero Suit Samus amiibo.

I am buying this game. Come at me!!

Awesome!!! This should make us more like the famous bounty hunter herself

I'm genuinely excited for this game. Doesn't deserve the hate it's getting.

I understand fans are waiting for that next great game to put Metroid back on the map and reclaim its honor...but to dismiss this one so quickly is a disservice.

Honestly, this game was just announced at the wrong place and wrong time.

If E3 2015 for Nintendo had more new stuff, and interesting stuff that had left people happy, this game wouldn't have gotten even a tenth of the flak it got in my opinion.

I'm personally stoked for this, Hunters in all honesty is my favourite Metroid title just for it's controls and multiplayer alone. (well, besides Fusion and Super Metroid, ho ho ho ho ho)

I like this Amiibo support. But... I better be able to fight Ridley in a Duck Hunt costume, or riot!

Looks fun. And I bet the game will be too.

Shame that a portion of Metroid's already niche fanbase don't want the series to be expanded [seemingly], though.

With the Samus amiibo it makes the game look like a Metroid game!

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