Mother 3 fan translator worked on Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Well that's an interesting little tidbit. I'm sure people are going to make a mountain out of this molehill, but I'm pretty sure it's just an interesting tidbit.

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Hell yeah let's make a mountain out of this!! MOTHER THREEEEEEE!!!!

Congrats on him getting a job at the treehouse then, Big N must have been impressed with his work

AFAIK he doesn't work at the treehouse.

And this game was made by SEGA, wouldn't they handle the localisation as well?

Did Sega make it? They aren't even on the front of the package.

SEGA made all of them, including this one.

If past games are anything to go by (at least as far as Spanish goes), then yes, SEGA most likely handled the localisation.

Too bad there's no pro controller support. It looked like the best of the series.

Guys you know Sega makes this series right? Not Nintendo. They have very little to do with it.

He helped translate a game and his tweet is written like shit... Wow.

Kinda my thought too. It always irks me to see people handling translation (or worse, editing) and have terrible spelling and such...

Seen the same thing with English teachers in Japan. And this excuse of "oh it's the internet", "oh it's a tweet" I don't get. If you CAN do it, then why don't you? What's the effort? And just to have that mindset is bound to leak in to actual work. You don't have to be perfect or write a poem, but come on, at least make it look nice. It just doesn't look good when you see it and know that they work with language.

Yep, exactly. It doesn't instill confidence in their abilities at all. And on occasions I have seen the terrible spelling and writing leak from an editor into the product.

Tue Jun 28 16 02:21pm
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Eh, I disagree. Some people are good at separating themselves between work and home. It's not like you can edit a tweet after the fact anyway.

Almost all of his other tweets are formatted correctly and have correct grammar and capitalization. So this tweet is the exception, not the rule.

1. There are other concerns that just that. Like teaching others that it's ok to write like shit, or however you want to phrase it.

2. We're not talking about missing a letter on the keyboard and typing too fast, so not being able to edit tweets has nothing to do with this case.

3.We're only talking about this tweet in this case, if he's better in others then why not here? We're discussing the phenomena more than just this guy's one tweet so don't make it a big deal. He's just an example.

4. It's ironic when he talks about translation work and then writes a ugly tweet.

I've never seen the phenomena anywhere, I don't follow English teachers or anything on social media and I do not know anyone that does it. Who knows why not here. He was in a rush, used a different mode of tweeting, etc.

I honestly don't see the irony or the big deal people are making. People separate their work and home life. This is no different to me. It's his twitter...I don't see why it's such a problem. Shrug. "Ugly tweet" is subjective. To me, it looks fine, but I'm not one to care about spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. in casual areas. In more official capacities, yes those errors are glaring. In books, company documents, websites for example.

"To me, it looks fine" Well there's your problem.

As in, I don't have a problem with it.

And that's why you don't understand the problem nor know what you're talking about.

Thu Jun 30 16 02:11pm
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Right...because I have an opinion different than yours. Ok.

That's not what I said... *facepalm*


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