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Tue Jul 12 16 01:37am
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Eh... I think I'm just gonna duck out for awhile, I'll come back when Nintendo makes their NX announcements, because there's nothing right now interesting me about Nintendo, I'm glad to see people are happy though. You guys have fun!

More like "CBS News puts together multiple horror movies".

I like how in the second video the dude says this game is the biggest viral hit ever in history, that everyone on planet earth will play it, and then proceeds to predict that the fad will be over in a week or two.

Obviously, Pokemon Go is not going to sustain the extreme level of interest it's been getting this past week, but that doesn't mean it can't build a very healthy following much like Ingress did.

all the news items are on that topic, I mean, might as well change the name of this place to GoPokemon or gopo in short lol
happy about the situation but obviously it's not really my cup of tea

Why is nobody laughing their ass off from the last clip!? It deserves a post of its own! XD


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