Random Time! - Pokemon GO players attaching phones to ceiling fans to hatch eggs

Why bother walking when you can just attach your phone to your ceiling fan? Well...of course there are a lot of smart reasons NOT to do that, but that's not stopping the lazier Pokemon GO players out there! Let's hope they end up with hatched eggs and not broken phones.

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Wed Jul 13 16 11:01pm
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I see no way in which this can end badly

Wed Jul 13 16 11:23pm
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But how do they keep the phones from shutting off after a period of time? I have to tap my screen periodically while walking around just to keep the screen from going dark.

Thu Jul 14 16 12:40am
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You can adjust what time your phone locks/sleeps and either put it on nothing or really high.

Ah, thank you! I'll try messing with that.

The lengths people will go to to avoid doing a bit of exercise...!

No wonder all the jokes when this became a top story on the news were about lazy, couch potato gamers.


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