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Pokemon GO analytics/survey show age of users, time spent playing, weight loss & more

by rawmeatcowboy
14 July 2016
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- online conversation volume surrounding the Pokémon brand rose 2,897 percent in June
- that volume increased another 606 percent over the month of June
- between June and July was a “massive shift in the demographic profile of people talking about the Pokémon franchise.”
- prior to the launch, people talking about the brand online were consistently male (80 percent) and teenagers (40 percent)
- since launch, fans are now split evenly with regard to gender
- 25-34 year-olds have emerged as the predominant age group
- on average, players are spending almost two more hours per day outside than they previously did
- sixteen percent of those surveyed play for more than four hours a day
- over 10 percent say they have trespassed to catch a Pokémon
- 4 percent said they have been pulled over by police while playing
- average amount of weight lost is 3.2 pounds
- 44 percent of trainers said they visited a historical landmark for the first time because of the game
- 24 percent said they have visited a religious institution for the first time
- 35 percent said they have never played Pokémon before
- 18 percent of trainers said they would be embarrassed to tell their friends that they play
- 22 percent would be embarrassed to tell their family
- 38 percent of people would be embarrassed to tell their boss
- 21 percent of trainers would rather play Pokémon Go than have sex
- up to 85 percent of trainers have played while driving a car