Pokemon Sun/Moon info coming on Aug. 1st

Looking forward to the next wave of Pokemon Sun/Moon info? Well, we're very happy to have a date to share with you! The Pokemon Company has announced that some new details on the upcoming games will be let loose on August first, at 9:00 EDT. No word on what will be revealed, but I'm sure it'll have people talking!

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Oh, it's my birthday, I hope this info present is great!

Hoping they continue [not] to reveal anymore about the starter's. Let us all find out at once! :P


Never thought I'd sy this, but I hope they don't reveal any more new pokemon. I don't want this to be another XY where we know pretty much all of them before the game releases, but they've revealed so many in such a short space of time that it feels like things are heading that way.

I predict either a) starter evos (at least stage 2) or b) new mega evolutions


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