Original Pokemon theme singer returns to prove he's still got it

Man, he hasn't skipped a beat! He sounds just like he did the first day he recorded it! Thanks to Brian for the heads up!

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That's a neat find.

Should've linked to the full version though.

Do you have a link to the full version?

Am I the only person who always thought the voice was a woman or....? Totally didn't expect the singer to look like that.

It was kind of ambiguous to me, so I too was surprised to see the singer look like that.

Tue Jul 26 16 04:18pm
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I used to think it was sung by Micheal Jackson, as a kid.

Always loved watching this before heading out to school. Such great memories.

Tue Jul 26 16 01:08pm
(Updated 1 time)

This gave me so much goosebumps.


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