Russians fear Pokémon GO a Western plot to destabilize nation from within

Coming from Franz Klintsevich, a senior Russian security official...

“There is a feeling that the devil came through this mechanism and is simply trying to destroy us spiritually from within. This could lead all the way to revolution."

Coming from Aleksander Mikhailov, a retired major general of the Federal Security Service...

“Imagine that the little beast in question doesn’t appear in some park but at a secret site where a conscript or other soldier takes and photographs it with his camera. It’s recruitment by one’s own personal desire and without any coercion. This is the ideal way for secret services to gather information.”

Coming from Communist Party lawmaker Denis Voronenkov...

“Users of mobile devices with this game installed on it could become unsuspecting accomplices in terrorist acts."

Coming from Andrei Polyakov, leader of the Irbis Orthodox Union of Cossacks...

“We need to drag people out of the virtual world. It all smacks of Satanism."

We haven't seen this kind of Pokemon histeria and paranoia since the series first came on the scene all those years ago. Remember when people were making up all kinds of crazy ideas about how Pokemon was teaching satanism and was the downfall of society? Turns out all those silly claims are wrong, but now we have a new batch to suffer through. Best part about all of this insanity? Pokémon GO hasn't even received an official release in Russia yet.

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Fri Jul 29 16 01:27pm
Rating: 13

In Russia, Pokemon catch you.

Fri Jul 29 16 01:27pm
Rating: 13

In Russia, Pokemon catch you.

I hate you for that.

But really I love you.

Russia... really? It sorta saddens me that literally everything fun has to be made into something bad this way.

Oh man, this story is gold!!

This is what America thought in the late 90s. The Japanese are coming!

june the wolf
Fri Jul 29 16 02:11pm
Rating: 2

they are coming...with CHINPOKOMON!

shoe, i choose you!

That's Putin's Russia for you. Fear is overprevalent

Only the Ruskies. Better call Zangief and have him straighten things out.

Religion yaay! \^o^/

Fri Jul 29 16 10:18pm
(Updated 1 time)

What the actual fuck!?
How arrogant must you be to think something like that!?

But this remind me of one of my favorite joke:
In Quebec, you eat poutine.
In Soviet Russia, Putin eats you.

Wait, arrogant? This is a lot of things, but I don't see how it's arrogant

Sat Jul 30 16 11:23am
(Updated 1 time)

I always associate paranoia with arrogance. You must think that you are way important or better than the others to think that things like that are specifically done to attack YOU in particular.

Sat Jul 30 16 12:51pm
(Updated 1 time)

I see. Hm, yeah, I can see it now. Interesting

Except that they have every right to be paranoid?
Why would you ever assume russia wasnt being targeted in some major way by the west? Or seriously any advanced country on the planet? Thats ignorant at best, Russia especially though, because the current leadership has been personally demonizing russians for the past few years. Its sad, but not surprising that you dont notice for the past decade the US and NATO have been setting the stage and writing the script to WW3.

That being said, this is silly, while the game could be used for big data and surveillance, that is more likely a consequence rather than the intent.

I love the picture you choose for this article and the Pokemon anime GIFs you choose for Pokemon Go articles in general. Little touches like those are nice.

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