Europe to receive three New Nintendo 3DS XL colors in November

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That Red/Black version is damn pretty.

I think it counts as Orange, but yes, it is a very nice one. ^^

I guess my monitor needs calibrating XD

Naw, no worried, I see lots of people see it as Red. ^^ It can be hard to tell just like that. But it is apparantly suppose to be Orange. So, yay. ^^

Change of orientation! :o

Yeah, so NOW the orange one that I've always wanted is a thing, Nintendo. I don't live in Europe, but still...

Tue Aug 16 16 12:45pm
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It's actually from 2013!

Wow, I guess I've forgotten. I hope these colors make it out here to North America. I still have my red New 3DS XL, but I'll quickly grab an orange XL (or a green one...please) when my current one breaks or something one of these days.

Orange looks so cool. But I guess it's not the right time to upgrade my 3DS given the high possibility of getting an NX at launch.

Uggggggghhhh, I need the orange so bad.

OMFG!!!! I WAITED SO LONG! I was so close to buying a black one! I was waiting so long for a white one! FINALLY! YES!!


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