Nintendo Direct scheduled for September 1st


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Tue Aug 30 16 10:12am
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>New Nintendo Direct
>It's about the 3DS

Europe gets a whole Direct to announce a new 3DS XL design?

All we got was a short video with Reggie :|

Tue Aug 30 16 10:20am
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They better not have a full direct just to show off a new color 3ds because I'll throw my Wii U at the screen if they do lol. But I think they will address the Nintendo select price games, & maybe announce new games that are planning to come out this year using unity 5 ect. There could be a follow up surprise with SMG on the N3DS & I also think later today or soon they will announce NA's direct time as well. Info travels slow for them east to west it seems....(Nah UK is more important to them then us as of lately).

OMG MY BRAIN!....(Ok settle down now...breath breath). Right where was I....Ooooommmmggggg!

First I saw Nintendo Direct.. then I noticed the "3DS" part. Ah well, still nice.

Tue Aug 30 16 10:12am
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>New Nintendo Direct
>It's about the 3DS

Hahahah! 3DS direct. I'm starting to think that the NX isn't real.

Ofcourse it is. But Nintendo is waiting until the Playstation "Experience" next month. After that they'll announce the NX.

If that is true then it completely goes against what they have held up to be true all these years about them not being in competition with Sony and Microsoft...

They say that, but the reality is that they ARE competing with Sony, Microsoft and Valve. You know, it is just Nintendo PR. What they say and what they think are completely different

They're going to show it at the Tokyo Game Show.

Nintendo's not at TGS this year (and hasn't even appeared before).

Sony's event where they're likely showing off Neo is September 7th: https://www.engadget.com/2016/08/09/sony-ps4-neo-event/

Their seperate, Playstation Experience events are in December: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_Experience

I think you might've made a mistake, because I couldn't find. Unless you meant NINTENDO is waiting until next month (Oct) to show it rather than the PSE is next month.

I tell you what sir, Nin has built a Matrix surrounding the NX & we are falling right into their trap. We need a hero to wake us up!

(you brought it on yourself)

Tue Aug 30 16 06:13pm
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lol, cranks up the radio dail!

They gotta announce the date for the announcement of the NX at the end of this direct...right? Please?

It's a 3DS direct, and it's regional. So no.

Tue Aug 30 16 10:15am
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What's the shortest time frame ever between a new console reveal and it's release?

Because I'd say the NX would have to be pretty darn close. Seriously, what is Nintendo WAITING for?

It's tough for me too, but I imagine they're trying to minimize the gap of time their competitors have to rip their ideas off as they always do.

Tue Aug 30 16 10:32am
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Sega Saturn was announced and made available 4 months.It was hell, because retailers didn't know about the early release. Google Sega Saturn Day.

Nintendo has already announced that that Zelda will be available on the WiiU and NX in March 2017, so I'd say the NX will most likely launch alongside Zelda in March.

Okay, at this point they are only pissing us off...

I'm wondering if they are doing it on purpose. There BETTER be a fucking mention of NX at least even if they don't give us the final announcement date.

Nope, once again they wrote there's nothing NX related.

Why even live?

Nintendo: When your hopes in the NX are finally destroyed, then you have my permission to die.

Nintendo with the epic troll job.

Not Nintendo, Yoshiller. Both the picture and the tweet had 3DS in it, Yoshiller's did not. Can't fault them though. Clicks mean money.

I'm referring to the fact that Nintendo announced a 3DS Direct when they know that fans are waiting for an NX announcement. Don't put words in my mouth.

Then that's not trolling that's just disappointing... trolling would be Nintendo saying Nintendo Direct announcement today then later show this tweet that specifically states a 3DS focus... knowing fans are awaiting NX news...

No nx reveal, no deal

Just to toss this out there in hopes of clearing up confusion, I don't believe this is a regional Direct since the American site has it up too

Ugh seriously people? The obviously have to talk about their other products before releasing details about the NX. Its not like the 3ds is dead and doesnt have games coming out for it. I beat we will get the NX reveal date in this direct as well.

At TGS that is. Nin is going to want a lot of media out there instead of the direct which later this month they will show more to it I think.

The exhibitors have already been confirmed and Nintendo's not going. However I kind of expect to see an event or a Direct a few days or a week after TGS. Worst case scenario early to mid October.

Gah!....Dang! so it looks like they are saving $ again with the direct which is ok. So that means more then one direct next month?!

Unless there's some new Pokemon info in this, I think I'll skip this one personally.

With all the attention on Nintendo recently because of NX speculation and the fact that people are waiting to hear more about the platform and keeping their eye on Nintendo's official social media accounts why would Nintendo not take advantage of this attention and try to sell products? They know there is a desire to know more about the NX and they obviously have a time and place for that but they still need to sell products in the time before the NX launches so why not make a small "troll" like video about the Galaxy Style New 3DS XL? It would interest more people, especially now more than a simple press release would.

I still think the is a big surprise of a new SMG landing on the N3DS which Nin has fail to bring games that are only for N3DS this year. So my hopes are high right now for a trap later on.

Could you imagine a SMG remake with traditional controls? I would buy it immediately!

I wouldn't be surprised.... when Nintendo doesn't have much else, that's when they bust out the remakes.

Personally I love Galaxy but I'd only want a remake if it was an HD remake.

True, I prefer 64, but I wasn't really able to enjoy Galaxy due to the controller, so I would love to get a chance to.

Heck yes like a big mac to the face I'd buy it! It needs to happen as it would look awesome!

The NX doesn't exist it seems.

People on Gaf, and on here I see, seems to think Nintendo should completely ignore the 3DS. And they seem to think Nintendo is trolling us and even worse. I get that people are excited for the NX and for 'big, major news', but come on now. We know the NX is coming soon. Let Nintendo promote their remaining 3DS titles without making it sound like we want them hanged for showing off their games.

This. People don't seem to realize that the reason why Nintendo is trying to push the 3DS is because they need it for the holiday season, and announcing the NX on the same Direct would inevitably overshadow whatever they're trying to show. I, too am anxious for NX news but saying Nintendo "trolled" us is silly.

Saw Nintendo Direct thought the NX was FINALLY happening then I see "3DS" and Europe only to be disappointed yet again...

Tue Aug 30 16 10:54am
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Nobody knows how to disappoint like Nintendo. They're the mother effing masters.

It's not really hard to disappoint you judging on the downvotes you give every second Nintendo related news : D

Actually, I don't downvote all that many. But you know, we are all entitled to our opinions. You can have yours, I promise I won't monitor what you vote up or down (because I really have better things to worry about).

It is crazy how people will try to discredit your criticism by generalizing it by saying everything you do is negative as an attempt to make it appear like you are out there with an anti-Nintendo agenda. It is a classic tactic to try and avoid adressing any criticism.

1. User A emits a critique.
2. User B posits that user A is a negative person and thus avoid adressing the critique's content.

I'll admit that I'm much more cynical than I used to be. But the attempts to discredit don't bother me.... can't help it if someone doesn't know how to deal with divergent opinions.

True enough. I feel that I've also become a lot more cynical, but then again, I think circumstances have a lot to do with it. Let's hope things get better.

Ok, try looking on the bright side. After this there couldn't possibly be any more games that need highlighting on this current generation. How long can they put the NX reveal off exactly?

Literally a month or two [latest], if they want a good marketing run till March.

I think the NX Showcase will come at the end of Sept.

Tue Aug 30 16 11:43am
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3DS is still kicking butt, so I'd love to come out of this Direct thinking it's kicking even more Smile

My heart skipped a beat... NINTENDO DIRECT SEPTEMBER 1st!!!! That's way sooner than I expected!!!! And then I read 3DS... And I was like, "Um... That's cool I guess." But I would be able to concentrate on 3DS better if I knew what the NX even was. Sad

I know people wanted NX info, but I don't care because new stuff is new stuff.

It is Europe-centric, so do not expect anything. Maybe more footage of game you have already seen and releases confirmed for Europe. Generally-speaking, unless it has a Japanese equivalent, it is light on new content.

Tue Aug 30 16 12:08pm
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Guys. It's also confirmed in NA: http://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/09-01-2016/ @ 7am PST/ 10am est

Nindie Direct? Pokemon Direct? Galaxy purple re-announcement?

I doubt we're getting new stuff at this point.


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