IGN - Nintendo open to the idea of amiibo on mobile

“There's nothing we can announce today but It’s certainly an area we’re interested in. Until the announcement this morning there wasn’t a whole lot we could do, but now we can look at what they’ve said and how we might have an opportunity to use that." - Shigeru Miyamoto

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Thu Sep 08 16 02:57pm
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Do it. Put amiibo stuff in the mobile games and take them from the console ones.


Please God let that happen. Unfortunately, Nintendo won't do that.

How would that thought process even work?

(It's not me being snarky here, I'm genuinely curious)

I think it makes more sense. Think about it. That market has MTs so ridiculous as to getting x raw material items for a penny or so. So what about having the once-a-day system for getting does. Not only the amiibo feels like a premium item but also the functionality fits more to what it does in the Wii U and 3DS. I mean; extra hearts with Zelda, extra arrows with Link, a skin in Mario Kart for your Mii, a small easter egg with Toad in Captain Toad.

I think those small things might be more valued in a mobile game do to the model embracing those kinds of transactions more openly. Given they're smaller games you play daily you might one to use the amiibo more and finally instead of spending a penny for a small transaction the amiibo then becomes a premium item giving you a free amount per day.

Well, at the very least that's my thought process applied to any other company. I don't know what Nintendo would do. They might just put advertisements for their games in them.

That last paragraph of yours is kind of my thought issue about Nintendo and general amiibo handling as well; we can only speak of more hypothetical use as general consumers and/or fans, but my best bet about how -The- company as a whole sees amiibos are items that will most likely cater to people who are already somehow familiar with Nintendo's intellectual properties rather than general figurines anyone could look up and buy it on the fly just for the aspect. As a turn of that (supposed) train of logic, it would make more sense to them using those on their more dedicated playing peripherals... which yeah, admittedly it's a really restricting way to implement those if their only use is self-serving and only to already console-owners. The same thought process was also used for things like the e-Reader, and we already know how it ended up...

Since I've basically got little to no ideas for their implementation to mobile games, at the very least these could be used with smartphones to connect to Nintendo 3DS/Wii U/other Nintendo consoles instead of taking space on the controller...?

Wouldn't Nintendo have to first use amiibo in a useful way on the console market? I mean seriously, drop the connectivity stuff and just sell them as statues. That's what 95% of people use them as already.

Dropping the functionality would only serve to hurt the product. Even if you disagree with how they are being used, the fact is that a lot of people like to use them and dropping ALL functions for them would be detrimental. They need to double-down and make them truly useful instead of just being a glorified costume unlock.

I agree with you, but that takes creativity and work. And Nintendo hasn't been so big on those two things lately.

Nintendo has had an uptik in rush job games lately, and then their bigger projects like Zelda and NX, they give off the impression the attitude is, "Oh yeah, we could work on those things today... eh, let's just play some Candy Crush Saga instead. Our 10,000 or so fanboys won't leave us even if we delay them to 2018."

I see the point in that the fanbase is shrinking and they feel the need to bring new customers to their products. At the same time they have knee jerk reaction to adopting ideas from western developers which are the ones dominating the console market now.

which are the ones dominating the console market now.

In the west.

It's a different story in Japan.

Well unless American A) stops loving guns and violence in their video games, or B) stops being the #1 market, then Nintendo has to adopt Western philosophies in order to survive. I prefer Japanese style gameing, but the vast majority of America wants to see Mario with a gun, busting a cap in his own brother while Peach is wearing nothing but a thong.

I think those oversimplifications aren't the focus. What people seem to lean more nowadays is the competitive gaming scene which is why EAs and Activision's IPs are going from cinematic campaigns to experiences that focus on online play both in a competitive and cooperative series of missions. Which is also why people buy sports games despite not changing as much as other games.

If anything Nintendo should try to bring back Wave Race, Mach Rider or Excitebike. Also a sequel to Splatoon and another Mario Kart. But not F-Zero, since its evident people play that one by themselves. :p

I mean, I would love to have another use for my 50+ amiibo.

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