Ubisoft says NX is fantastic, a 'really new approach', excited to work on something new

Coming from a GameSpot interview with Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot...

"The new Nintendo [console] is a fantastic machine. It's really a new approach, it's really Nintendo, [which is] coming with something new again. We love it.

We always take disruptions on the positive side. We think each time that it's an opportunity for our creators to take more risks. When a machine is installed, there are a certain number of brands that take up the time of players, so they're going to buy the next Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty. Even if they say, 'I'm interested in what you're doing,' at the end of the day they first buy what they know, then go somewhere else. When they change machines, they consider that it is better to try what has been done for that machine. This gives us an opportunity to totally change an IP that we have done before, or to create new experiences and new IPs.

What we see is, players are more open when new hardware is coming. So we have the chance to come with something we have never done before, because we know that if we are the first there, people will try our game and maybe we'll be able to get into that new genre. As our people wanted to do a game like ZombiU, they were happy they could just use the Wii U to do it. For us, a machine is a tool of expression, but when everything become stable it's less open to innovation. We always want innovation.

However, if you try something a little new and it's not perfect, you come back quickly to what you know and works. As a gamer, if you change to new hardware, you have no references, so you're looking at what people are saying are [the best games] and then trying them. But if you have an [established] machine and there's all the experiences you know on there already, you know you're going to miss some of those to try something new, so you're less inclined. For us, we know opportunities to try something new are a lot more rewarding when it's a new machine."

Ubisoft's CEO also once again confirmed that they are "working on some [other] projects" for NX, but wouldn't give specifics.


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Anyone else feel like he basically just said the same sentence 10+ times?

My uncle actually is a Nintendo, and he says NX makes food for you.

I'm very curious what Ubisoft has in store. Will that BG&E2 rumor end up being true? New IP? Will AC 2017 be on NX? I guess we'll find out eventually.

I can't tell if he's genuinely excited or just pulling a statement out of his ass...

From a business perspective, anything you're planning to support you surely have to be excited about. Otherwise what's the point? Why support something for the sake of supporting it? Why put cash behind projects for a platform you have no faith in?

You're right. But that's under the assumption that there will actually be worthwhile support for it... Saying they will support it could also be BS.

They will support it as long as it makes money for them.

Chicken and egg. It can't make them money if they don't support it.

They will support it initially like they do with every console. If they see signs that their games will do well they will keep supporting it, otherwise they won't.

You are so indeed right, remember when all thurd parties where so excited for wiiu? and then it all happened
I won't believe anything until official reports are announced.
It is like saying I am so excited for the ps4 pro, but I will never buy it.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 please.

What I wouldn't give for a new Prince of Persia game...the first one for GameCube was excellent beyond belief.

Forgotten Sands is/are excellent, too! Different game for Wii and PS3/360, so I'm kinda happy to have a new PoP ready to play, regardless of what Ubisoft does.

Actually same thing for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia...

I do believe the Beyond Good and Evil rumor has a good shot at being true, so, let's hope.

I am all for Ubisoft support, as long as they actually try. A lot of their Wii-U offerings left a lot to be desired. But I am willing to look into them again.

This will be the my first ever preorder. Just show it already !

BG&E2 has as good a chance as anything happening, purely considering Bayonetta 2. Honestly, who would have put money on Bayo 2 happening as a Nintendo exclusive on their new system prior to its announcement? And subsequently having Bayonetta ending up as a Smash character? It's crazy town talk and it still feels bizarre. I'm not counting on it as much as I'd love for it to happen, but at the same time it wouldn't be the biggest shock. Ubisoft have always been supporters of Nintendo and to point at their Wii U missteps as reasoning to doubt their capability to give NX a decent pillar of support would be misjudged. Here's hoping!

Anyone else feel like he basically just said the same sentence 10+ times?

I think whatever they have in store has to be exclusive or the Nintenyearolds wont buy it. Anything else a proper gamer would be able to buy on another console that their friends already play on.

Pitch it, pitch it to us good

Lets just hope Ubisoft has something more for the system besides Just Dance.

So easy to say the words support. Only key 3rd parties & indies that I will be supporting on their games when NX comes out. 2 years after if I see that the 3rd parties that all lied about supporting Wii U do support NX by me seeing huge amount of games then I will buy their games but not at the 2 years of NX sorry. Just using the lesson learn tactics.

coolestdude whats going on? Damn someone must got it in for you!

Talk is cheap Ubisoft. The only unique experience they tried on Wii U was ZombiU. And that had a very limited budget and development. Rayman Legends was supposed to be a second unique experience but we all know how that ended.

Nice, I want Ubisoft on NX and will.gladly Buy good efforts put out by them as I did on Wii U..

I don't trust Ubisoft.

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