Playtonic aiming for simultaneous Q1 2017 Yooka-Laylee release, no plans for NX

A portion of a Digital Fix interview with Playtonic's Mark Stevenson...

The Digital Fix: Firstly – the question that everyone wants the answer to: do you have a release date yet?

Mark Stevenson: There’s no set in stone date yet, but we are aiming for Q1 2017.

TDF: And is that a cross-platform or staggered release?

MS: No, that should be on every platform simultaneously.

TDF: The delay to 2017 has meant that you’re going to be launching potentially close to the release of the Nintendo NX, meaning that Yooka Laylee may be one of the last games to hit the Wii U. Is there any plan to relaunch the game on the NX at a later date?

MS: At this stage we’re aiming to just release on what we promised on Kickstarter - which is a lot for us as a team of twenty people!

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I'm personally grateful that they are sticking to what they promised. Wii U may be on the way out, but I'm going to have an awesome library of games on it when the plug is finally pulled.

Also without knowing how many titles will they rerelease in NX (if they even), it'll be interesting see which ones are left behind.

I have a feeling that NX is going to follow the PS4/Xbox One in the trend of remastering basically every single important and recent title to make up for the "failure" of the Wii U.

This whole generation has been the "Land of Remasters".

I don't think it was the whole generation, but sure as HELL feels like thestart.

Next gen will be worse, much worse. RE4 will probably be re-re-re-re-released... Again, but as a new title.

I agree.

You know, there comes a point where the graphics can go only so far, and the gameplay hasn't changed from several generations back.

I like a fresh coat of paint on an old favorite as much as the next person, but yeah, there just comes a point....

I kind of miss all the "kooky" ideas arcade games from the '80's-'90's brought. Each one was weirder than the last, but memorable.

It's probably why I am reluctant on getting Sony consoles much anymore (I completely ignore MS because of their PR and the way they treat their gamers suck ass). I loved the PS2, and bought into the hype and got the PS3 day one, waited nearly two years with 3 games and not much after that came out outside the niche Japanese games. I missed the days of Gex, Plok, Tonic Trouble and various others... They may have not aged as well, but those ideas at least felt creative.

Last game that I felt was creative in the aspect was a Wii game Flip's Twisted World, sadly it felt like the whole thing was rushed 6 months too early. Makes the Kickstarter world bitter-sweet, cause you get these games, then you got the horror stories, never in-between.

It's telling and sad that some of the most prolific and long standing game developers (outside of Nintendo) can no longer find a home with their original publishers, and have to go the Kickstarter route to deliver the kinds of games that they want to make for their fans.

I'm glad that they're not biting off more than they can chew. It's totally cool to deliver on the promised platforms. After that stuff is done, then they can consider additional platforms.


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