Circle explains their mission, why they support 3DS eShop

Coming from a TinyCartridge interview with Circle CEO Chris Chau,..

"We have been running CIRCLE for 10 years. There were two of us when we established the company in Hong Kong, using our savings. CIRCLE, a small circle, filling with our passion and love in games

DSiWare gave us a chance to work for console, without huge game content. Besides, publishers were willing to provide a little budget for small projects, and that was a way to get money from publishers.

We focus on handheld publishing, because Wii U titles don’t work well on Japan’s eShop, and then we wouldn’t have bullets to shoot to the western eShop. PS4 requested higher quality games and the biggest budgets. We found Nintendo 3DS to be a quite peaceful platform. Indies can design something not very commercial, and get revenue without much pressure.”

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Love this dev. They don't get near as much attention as they deserve.

With big boys like EA and Konami leaving Nintendo in recent years, someone has to step in and fill the void, and these guys have done an excellent job in helping out with N's 3rd party troubles.


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