Nintendo shares more info on Pokemon Sun/Moon's Ultra Beasts

- Ultra Beasts can be caught
- eight Ultra Beasts in total
- each has a normal and shiny sprite
- Ultra Beasts will also factor into the storyline
- these characters are central to the Alola region’s myth by virtue of their mythical status alone
- certain ones are found exclusively in Sun or Moon

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Tue Oct 18 16 08:37pm
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Um Nintendo only confirmed to Polygon that they can be caught and that they are important to the story ( we already knew there were version exclusives). Everything else is a spoiler due to the datamining..... Dont look at the link if you dont want to be spoiled.

Thanks for the warning. Much appreciated!

Good, I can catch that roided up misquito.

Only on the Sun Version, the white one is Moon exclusive.

Okay, but how about their types, will those have none or...?


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