RUMOR - PAL launch of Nintendo Switch planned for March 17

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Wed Nov 02 16 07:56pm
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Come on, Nintendo... at least do March 10 for the states. Mar10 day would be awesome for the marketing.

Wed Nov 02 16 07:13pm
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1) It is a Friday (the usual Nintendo day in Europeland)

2) It is the Friday before the Good Friday and Easter Weekend - so: The Switch can join students after their spring finals and families in their Easter Holiday

Ergo: Possible.

That makes the March 18 release date of Monster Hunter XX all the more suspicious in Japan.

Wed Nov 02 16 07:35pm
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Sounds totally plausible [no way is it launching at the end of March]. Wish it was the first week, though.

Although I am curious, who is Laura Dale exactly? I mean, Emily Rogers has been around for years, but it seems like Laura literally popped up a few weeks ago to me regarding the 'NX'. Not doubting her credibility or anything mind.

Regardless, I hope that we don't get a huge Day 1 system update again, and more importantly, have no widespread Wifi Connectivity issues to even get the former started. It soured my first two days with the Wii U [which would've easily been my Dreamcast MKII otherwise].

The weird thing is that Laura Dale has been the most accurate of these people, despite popping up from nowhere. It's kinda crazy. I have no idea who she is either.

She used to work at Destructoid (the BG&E as a NX exclusive story by Laura started on Destructoid) before they fired their entire UK team. The Destructoid UK team formed letsplayvideogames.com

I'm sure Destructoid is kicking themselves with all these tips she's getting

She doesn't pull vague rumors out of her butt like Emily Rogers.

Hmm. I guess it's just inevitable you'd burn some bridges after a few years of being a leaker, so Laura has the 'newness' in her favor [as well as just the better sources lol].

Laura worked at Destructoid for like 2 years. The BG&E as a NX/Switch exclusive story started on Destructoid. Destructoid fired her and the rest of the UK team this year. The Destructoid UK team formed letsplayvideogames.com
So now Laura posts all her NX/Switch tips there.

Ahhh, ok. I knew there had to be more to it than what I knew. Cheers!

Wed Nov 02 16 07:40pm
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Well we know its in March 2017 but I rather hear the titles of the games instead. But I'm calling it now, we will get skyium at launch, mk8, splatoon, Zelda, & a few titles like maybe 15 games tops because E3 is around the corner from march so Nin will hold back key titles from SquareEnix ect to make big splashes at E3 2017.

A possible true rumor over 2 month before jan 12 2017?


I dont think they will fix little leaks like this. If names of the games are leaked then lord help these ppl.

Wed Nov 02 16 07:56pm
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Come on, Nintendo... at least do March 10 for the states. Mar10 day would be awesome for the marketing.

This is a great idea!

Would this still work even without a Mario launch title?

Sure it would. People associate Nintendo with Mario. Yeah it would be a lot better to have a game but I think it would stick out in people's minds.

Mar10 day launch and the new 3D Mario game there with it would be huge!
Although since Zelda is confirmed for launch Mario will probably come in late fall in time for the Christmas season, if we are lucky.

Zelda is not confirmed for launch.
I thought it was for a long time too, but I went back and did my research and it isn't.
All that's confirmed is the two versions will release on the same day. Yes - most likely at Switch launch.

Wed Nov 02 16 08:06pm
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It'll be a bank holiday here in Ireland on account of St. Patrick's Day. So we'll be having quite a few drinks that day and it'd be another great reason to celebrate. 17/3/17 would look good on posters too.

I literally cannot think of a more pointless rumor. I won't need to know if I have to save up the money by the beginning of the month or if I will have until the end of the month until well after the January 12th presentation.

Maybe Laura K Dale is really Emily Rogers

That will be 4 days before my birthday. Which is Nice.

Yeah, we already knew it was coming out in 2017. ;)


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