RUMOR - Switch pricing starts in the UK at £199.99, £249.99 option as well

The following comes from LetsPlayVideoGames' Laura Dale...

- retailer GAME been informed of Switch’s wholesale price to retailers, is planning on selling their basic SKU of system in stores for £199.99
- not a Nintendo set RRP, as in the UK manufacturers are not allowed to set RRP prices for consoles
- separate SKU with  more internal storage and a pack in game is planned for £249.99
- Switch Pro Controllers are expected to sell at launch for £39.99
- Nintendo is planning for the Switch to be close to direct conversion price comparable across regions
- tied into their push for the system to be region free

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Mon Nov 14 16 06:17am
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By that logic, the PS4 is cheaper than the PS3 and yet its as powerful as the PS3.....cheap price doesn't mean that the tech will be hampered. It just simply means that the tech is becoming affordable.

Mon Nov 14 16 04:40am
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That's the rough price range I was expecting to be honest. I really wouldn't want it to go above 250, and ideally I want it to be sub 200.

I really hope this isn't true though. A 230 euro handheld is not going to be on par with Wii U power wise. If this is true, it's about as powerful as a mid range smartphone, which isn't promising. I was hoping it'd be at least 300 euros, which could've made it at least a step up from Wii U, but alas.

Mon Nov 14 16 06:17am
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By that logic, the PS4 is cheaper than the PS3 and yet its as powerful as the PS3.....cheap price doesn't mean that the tech will be hampered. It just simply means that the tech is becoming affordable.

I very much hope you're right, and I am completely wrong. If they manage to make a handheld that's at least on par with Wii U for that price that'd be amazing, and I'm buying two of them day one. I'm not one of those high spec, has to be powerful kinda guys, but seeing as though Switch fills the role as home console as well as handheld, I want it to at least have a bit more oomph than Wii U. Like say, 300 gflops, instead of the 176 gflops the Wii U pulls off. Still wouldn't come close to the X1's 1.3 tflops or the PS4's 1.84 tflops (I know Switch won't get the AAA multiplats anyway), but that's just how Nintendo's rolls now. But just a simple step up from Wii U is all I ask.

Honestly, I can't see how the Switch can even compare to that of the PS4 and One as its never going to happen. But it will most likely learn from the mistakes the Wii U did which is marketing and Nintendo did it right this time around getting people the idea what it is and now everyone's hyped for it.

Mon Nov 14 16 10:08am
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I think you're under estimating the horse power the Nvidia tegra mobile chipsets are capable of the latest chipsets sold on the market surpassing last gen consoles are a over year old and have made increadible progress.

The second generation Maxwell X1 chipsets can pull a max of 500 gflops in raw numbers when drawing about 10 watts of power. That's the highest power state the X1 can pull off, and it cannot do so for extended periods of time. For comparison, the 3DS's tech draws a little under 4 watts of power. So 10 watts of power draw is definitely not desirable, both for battery life and heat production. That's why 300 gflops is a very safe bet imho. What's absolutely certain however, is that it will be nowhere near Xbox One in power.

Well, the Switch is bigger and thicker than a phone, it's easier to keep it cool and it can pack a bigger battery.

I agree it most likely won't be close to a Xbox One in raw power, but it's really not hard for it to be a lot more powerful than a Wii U

Yeah but that's old technology at this point. There's been a refresh about each year (usually significant) why would they use yesteryear's chip at this point for next years console?? At this point it will probably be closer to the power of the TX1 jetson of not more being custom built. I'm more hyped than worried.

Jetson is not a architecture, it's a development kit sporting second generation Maxwell architecture. And no, there isn't a refresh every year of this particular line of mobile chips. The latest iteration is the Pascal chipset, which is too expensive for a gaming device and is only about 50% more effecient power wise than the full Maxwell setup. Also, why would they use yesteryear's chip? Because they want to sell it for 250 bucks apparently.

I really don't understand why you're all not getting this. It's either cheap OR powerful, you just can't have both. Especially not in a small form factor that is a handheld.

Ughhhhh! What difference does it make since Nvidia shields inception they've been made yearly updates and they've all been great and better than last in the housing of the shield the shield started around 200 to 300 dollars and internally they were small. If they were small and cheap before why wouldn't they be now?! I don't know why you don't get that.

I'm not sure what you're getting at. That's what I've been saying, that if this pricing rumor is true, they're aiming for small and cheap, and thus not very powerful. You can't have cheap AND powerful like I said before.

We know it's Maxwell architecture they're using for Switch. And it's going to be based on the Tegra X1 chipset which clocks in at 500 gflops at max potential, which it can't run in a handheld. There's no upgrades to this (besides Pascall with a die shrink to 16nm, which this rumor puts to rest if true) So what's not to get? Switch will be probably be somewhere between 200 and 350 gflops, making it fifth or fourth the power of a Xbox One.

When have they said they said it's Maxwell architecture all they said it was custom built? We literally know close to nothing about the specs besides rumors. You're talking in circles man that doesn't change what I said.

When have they said they said it's Maxwell architecture

Because besides Pascal it's the only architecture Nvidia uses. Maybe that's why?

I picked up my PS3 for about 240 euro, so what does that price range mean, anyway? Why would price be indicative of anything? Technology gets cheaper over time anyway, and Nvidia already said they would be giving Nintendo a ridiculously good deal so more than likely, the Switch is gonna be a lot cheaper than people expect.

The so called ridiculously good deal is a rumor, nothing was said officially on that. Also, of course price is indicative of power. PS3 is a considered a very weak console in 2016, so of course it's cheap NOW. When the thing launched back in 2006, it was a whopping 500 bucks.

If the Switch will indeed be only 200 pounds, it's a given that the technology driving the thing isn't state of the art 2015/16 tech. I don't feel like this is something that needs to be explained.

Mon Nov 14 16 06:08am
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I wasn't necessarily planning on buying a Switch day one, but these reports are making my wallet fingers itchy. A $250/$300 game console might not be the best investment for me in a few months, but I could afford that! That's barely more than what I paid for the New3DS!

The prices make sense. If it wants to get a look in against the competition then they can't go charging something like €300. But then that limits the technology. I think Nintendo are in a bad position and probably ha gone beyond the point of no return as a console manufacturer.

Mon Nov 14 16 06:33am
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200 without the server upgrade unit & 250 for the server & pro tied in.

Perfect pricing strategy if so.

I have to admit I was worried that Brexit's effect on the pound would skew our pricing higher in regards to new tech like the Switch [I mean, it could still happen by Jan, but I'm taking this as a good sign].

So: 239€ and 299€ for us Continentals I guess, which would be harmful for the device - 199€/249€ would be an ok price.

it's the replacement of the wii u so I do expect it to be 250 or 300€. 200 would be impulse, 350€ costly 400 madness then above it just nope. It's the top of the line gpu, yes it is, the mobile non pci one but is, unlike say other platforms. and yet the price cannot be that high.
It's not something to replace the 3ds (yet), it's not really an handheld. You always have your mobile with you, you sometimes have your tablet with you <--- that's the space they think the switch is . Might not be true to us but it's true to them.

At those prices, they might probably go for a dockless Switch at $250 and $300 with the dock. Seriously, if the dock is just a dumb upscaler with charger that does nothing else, I won't pay for it.

Mon Nov 14 16 09:33am
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From what Nintendo has said, every Switch console will come with a dock. If there are bundles like this rumor suggests, I don't think any will be dock-less.

I don't see the price of the dock affecting the price of the system very much. It's honestly just an HDMI port and a charger. Certainly not the difference of $50.

But yeah, every Switch at launch will have a dock.

Dumb upscaler?? Well I would like to play my NS games in 1080P on my TV for sure.

The thing is that "upscaled" will not bring you true 1080p. It will look stretched and blurry compared to a native 1080p image, which will affect the experience, in my opinion. It's like people expecting the ps4 pro to display native 4k in their games (hint: it doesn't).

You know what? Let's wait for the 12. of January before we jump too much to conclusions, ok? We know way too little about NS for now..

Abot the Ps4 Pro... I know it doesn't do native 4K.

The price cannot go above $199 US dollars - PERIOD! If so, this thing will not go mass market and therefore NO 3rd party support. I wish these nit-wits would stop saying they would spend $300 for the Switch - which, if that is the price it would end up being a catastrophe.

That was a solid argument, I agree with you. /sacasm

Seems like this thing is going to end up being more affordable than I thought and I'm okay with that.

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