Nintendo banning Pokemon Sun/Moon pirates from online activity

Nintendo has always taken software pirating pretty seriously, but they're really kicking things up a notch with Pokemon Sun/Moon. If you have a pirated copy and try to access any online content, you are automatically banned from any online activity on your 3DS. That includes visiting the eShop, which now gives an error message. Let's hope this gives pirates pause before they consider illegally downloading this game. Thanks to m4kk0 for the heads up!

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Good. Very, very good.

Wed Nov 16 16 05:57am
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While I praise Nintendo for this job done effort, Wouldn't the latest updates kinda make it impossible to pirate since you need to update the system to access online content? Just curious that's all...

EDIT: Also, why is it only this game alone that they make such an effort and not the other 3DS games is a wonder.....

EDIT: Also, why is it only this game alone that they make such an effort and not the other 3DS games is a wonder.....

Install base. This is about the same thing as a honey pot.

Pirates will download a huge release like this so it is almost guaranteed to have more downloads than let's say a new Zelda game

anyways, pirating flash cart games are very difficult to do and require some skills.

Again, great effort from Nintendo but I feel that they should also do the same for the other IPs as well particularly Fire Emblem!

Wed Nov 16 16 06:45am
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Simple, they just don't care at all.

Part of me hopes it's not a permanent ban. ...And no, I didn't pirate this game

That Dragonite is totally my " Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee!" face in the morning.XD

I see a lot of these jokes, and I never understood these "I'm antisocial until I've had caffeine" jokes. That's not funny; that's sad.

It's quite unfair... Coffee-based jokes per-se can be funny with the right writing! Too bad Youtube has no integral clips, but I'm thinking of an episode opening for the Sledge Hammer! series, haha

Well, sure, it can be funny if written well. But all of these jokes I read from people amount to "I murder people if I don't have coffee XD"

Nah, that one was scened in a bar with a guy asking the bartender some morning coffee, only to be replied with "We ran out of coffee. See all those happy faces here?". Camera cut to some establishing shots of people either feeling drowsy or sleeping on their empty mug.

Gets me every time xDD

Anti-social is actually another name for sociopath.... It doesn't mean what most people think it means.

Seems quite in line with the jokes people make. From "I'm unfriendly" to "I kill people" when they haven't had their coffee. They're all unfunny

I think it's one of those things where people used it a certain way enough that it became canon. Asociality might be the more accurate word for what people mean when they make those comments.

Now, my etymology isn't exactly the best, but "anti" means "against" and "a" means "not", right? Anti-social to me seems more akin to being against anything social, whereas asocial is something that just isn't social. The way I understand it in my own mother tongue is that anti-social is a choice (and often refers to people who are shy or have anxiety and choose not to do social things) and asocial is not a choice (and often refers to someone's actual personality: i.e. jerks).

Oh no, you're not wrong in thinking that. It definitely makes sense to use anti-social like that. That's really the only reason why I speak up about it sometimes.... it's just one of those facts you would have never have guessed.
But it's so widely used now, I guess there's no point in worrying about it.

Yeah, you're right. I sure know not to use anti-social in that way again

Fri Nov 18 16 12:37am
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It's called not being a morning person.
To give a more logical explanation, some people, when in the throes of grogginess during the early hours, tend to show a weaker control over their emotional state.
The severity of this dissonance varies from person to person, with some people likening it to a temporary stupor similar to being drunk.
Caffeine, sugar, and other things as such, merely speeds up the recovery from this state.
It's perfectly natural for most people, and the majority do not display this condition in a very strong way; a quick face wash or early shower is sufficient to help most get over this state quickly, but depending on various factors, such as how healthy or well-rested someone is, or whether their diet or nutrition is enough, or even whether or not they're sick or suffering a hang-over, some people just need a little help to get rid of it quicker.

There's nothing sad about it, and the levity of the joke is just a form of comedic self-deprecation, not meant to be taken as seriously as all that, so don't read too much into it, ok?^_^

I know all about not being a morning person. I'm not one myself. And yes, I do also get grumpy in the morning. So I definitely know what that is all about. You've used a lot of words to explain a concept I don't think is alien to anyone. I appreciate the time and effort you put into it, but it was a bit unnecessary, because my problem wasn't with understanding morning grumpiness or not. My "problem" is with the joke not being funny. (I don't exactly have much of a problem; I'm just expressing my dislike.)

So yeah, I know it's a joke, and it's not entirely serious. Still isn't funny, though. Most "me irl" jokes are unfunny, because they don't amount more than saying "me irl".
1. See something funny
2. Say "me irl"
3. The funny thing instantly becomes much funnier (Well, that's the idea behind it, but I'm not seeing it.)

They don't make the joke funnier to me. To give a concrete example... I was browsing an image sharing site, and an image of a naked man dancing strangely was posted, which was amusing enough in its own right. Then someone came and said "me irl" or something similar, and that was it. That's not funny. That's a literal "CTRL+C, CTRL+V" of the original joke except form the commenter's perspective.
To be fair, the joke "This is me before I had my coffee" at least adds a twist to the image. It's not just a literal copy-paste, but... I dunno, I've heard it so often, it lost all its humor to me. Every time I see an image of someone angry or asocial, I can expect to see a "me irl b4 coffee" joke. Same for seeing a "I did Nazi that coming" joke whenever you see something related to Nazis online

Fair enough, ya fun Nazi. :p jk

Wed Nov 16 16 07:41am
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That's what they get when Europe officially gets the game 1 week later...

And I still don't understand why that is. Has there ever been an official explanation (that I must've missed then)?

I mean, the 18th is a Friday. That's usually the day console games release in Europe, so why have it release 5 days later on a Wednesday of all things? It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Wed Nov 16 16 11:54am
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There was never an official explanation, but most believe that its due to some Europe stores breaking the Pokemon X and Y release date. Because of this, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were delayed for Europe and now Sun and Moon. I do not understand why all of Europe is affected by this or why they also had to delay Sun/Moon when they already delayed ORAS. People are joking that the next games will be true worldwide because some US stores broke the release date.

In a not serious, joking way, I feel Europe deserves this because thanks to them the Game Corners have been removed from all future main Pokemon Games :p.

H-Hey! As a non-German European, blame the Germans!

It would suck if that actually were the reason for the delay. I mean... it's not the player's/buyer's fault, if stores sell stuff before the official release, after all.

Yeah, blame us Germans for the removal of the Game Corners :p
I never understood why they were such a big deal all of a sudden that they had to be disabled and eventually removed, though. ("B-but think of the children... ADDICTION! GAMBLING! BAD!! *screams and faints*") I never really used them, tho, so I don't particularly miss them :/

That's good to hear. Also, great picture to go along with this story.

Wed Nov 16 16 11:50am
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Good. I have seen some people who did this that are complaining about it. I really hope those get permabanned.

Wed Nov 16 16 01:12pm
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Serves them right. Now I really hope they start cracking down on pkhex users and the like

Bah, nothing short of completely bricking the systems completely will make the attack effective. They will find a way to go around this restrictions in a couple of weeks, at worst.

That's really great to hear. I hope it's permanent

Now do the same to Mario Kart 8 hackers/Wii U pirates

I agree with this. Permaban all of the pirates. I have no problem if you want to do that stuff but please stay offline. You ruin the fun for everyone else.

to boot they have this coming from the start when they started to leak some of the game, i mean they could have just wait for the game to come but hey they choose to spoil the fun for some of the people want's to play the game.

While I think the people who pirated Sun/Moon deserve a ban its a dick move to disable their eShop and online features entirely. Now they can't system transfer and selling it would cause hell for the new owner who wouldn't know how to remove the ban (And I'm not sure if it could be removed, even with a format)


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