Sakurai working on a new project

Within an interview discussion the Famicom Classic Edition and his work on Kirby's Adventure (as detailed by Source Gaming), Masahiro Sakurai mentions that he is working on a new game. Outside of that single mention, no other details are given. Now we all get to speculate as to what Sakurai is tackling next!

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Oh good, i thought he decided to work at Wal-Mart.

Pro Wrestling Switch or a Kid Icarus game would make me happy.

Nintendo dating sim, gotta date Mario.

Ice Climbers MontainRising

Oh good, i thought he decided to work at Wal-Mart.

It's obviously the sequel everyone has been waiting for:

Hey, I wouldn't complain.

Wed Nov 16 16 04:17pm
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I would say new Kid Icarus, but that is not due for another 21 years.

I am sure he is involved with the Switch version of Smash 4, but I think that is not his main project right now. I am very curious to know what most likely old, forgotten franchise he is turning on it's head~

He's praised the PS4. Honestly, with Iwata gone, I'd say his exclusive relationship with Nintendo is officially over.

That's a chilling thought. I don't know if I see that happening though

Why? He should be able to put out games on anything he wants.

I kind of already replied to someone below.... but basically Iwata was the bridge between Sakurai and his former employer, Nintendo. I think Iwata was able to manage Sakurai and his moodiness, basically. I mean, Sakurai has that credibility to direct and make profitable software, but I don't know if he will without someone like Iwata to accommodate him.
And I'm not saying he will release a PS4 exclusive... unless he made some sort of deal. I'm just expectint something multiplatform instead of a Nintendo exclusive again. I mean... Project Sora was mostly Nintendo employees but that dissolved after Kid Icarus and Brawl... and then Nintendo partnered with Bandai-Namco to help Sora Ltd make Smash 4.

Oh yeah, of course he should be able to. Just a nice relationship that he and Nintendo have I think

So he praised the PS4+Iwata gone=he is going to Sony?

Is that your logic or is there something else that made you write this?

Iwata being gone is a big factor. He was definitely the liason who reached out to Sakurai and who Sakurai trusted. With Iwata gone, it's hard to say if Sakurai will initiate contact with the company he quit and vice versa... save for maybe Smash Bros.
But yeah... Iwata was key in Sakurai making those exclusives after he quit HAL.

I don't see him bail ship completely though. It's if you sound a bit paranoid :D

I do not think for a second Kimishima is such a bad guy who can't be trusted. And I neither think he would just let hin go.

He could be workingon several projects for all we know.

But hey, time will tell.

No sequels! New IP!!

I'm hoping for something as great and fresh as Kid Icarus: Uprising

Wed Nov 16 16 05:26pm
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And I thought that Nintendo employees were sitting on their asses at random intervals instead of working.

Hopefully it's NOT Smash Bros. Hopefully if we get a Switch Smash it has a new director at the helm.

I can agree with this. Especially if it means less interviews of Sakurai constantly complaining and crying about how he's overworked, even though he refuses to delegate.

Agreed, smash is set in stone structure-wise now. I would rather see him not waste his talent on that franchise any more and give us something new and exciting instead.

Kid Icarus Switch please!

Must be Super Switch Brothers....

Kid Icarus... Downfall? I dunno.

Hopefully won't be related to Smash Bros, and it definitely won't be another Kid Icarus, so probably something new [and less straining] I'd bet.

Now : ) ..what will it be?

i always thought that he will work with Platinum to make a new game.

Kirby Air Ride for Nintendo Switch!


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