Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets Mature rating in Australia

The rating itself isn't actually a big deal. Skyward Sword got the same rating in Australia. What's important to note is the rating has come in, which might indicate just how far along the game is. Perhaps that talk of a March release from GameStop isn't out of the question!


ms fortune
Wed Nov 23 16 02:04pm
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IIRC "mature" in Australia doesn't mean the same as "Mature" here in North America anyway (the Australian rating that is the equivalent of our M is R18 ).

Yes, for us the Australia mature is either E10 or T. Skyward Sword was Mature in Australia for example.

Actually, the equivalent to the US "Mature" is an 'MA15+' rating - which means restricted to mature audiences 15 years and older. Our "M" rating is a little ambiguous as it means recommended for mature audiences... it probably should get changed to be more like the US "T" for teen - which Breath of the Wild will probably end up getting.

You also can't buy a M rated game in the states without having an ID that proves you are over 17. So it's more closely related the R18 rating.

You can't buy an MA15+ game here without Proof of ID either. And there definitely are some US rated 'Mature' games that get rated up to R18, but most get rated at MA15+. I guess it comes down to the content and how each region treats that content.

I still think it's silly that in this day and age, there isn't a global age rating for these sorts of things... More money for the government I guess.

Hah, as I said before, bet a lot of people read this headline wrong!

Now we know the real reason why Nintendo is clamping down on erotic Zelda fan art


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