GoNintendo EXCLUSIVE - Today's BIG Story (12/29/16): Exclusive info on Switch advertising and more!

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for Dec. 29th, 2016. Sorry we missed our daily video yesterday. How about we make it up to you with some exclusive news on Switch advertising?!

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I'm ready!

I wonder if Switch preorders start the 13th?

I'm at work and still disappointed that this is yet another outlet obsessing over video content that I can't watch until I get home. Nobody wants to have to watch a video to get news!

It's nothing big. Gamestops are supposed to be getting the Switch advertising display stuff within the week. Also official preorders for BotW soon.

Just like every "news" site not just gaming, GoNintendo wants hits for revenue so they'll post almost everything Nintendo related even if "rumored". Youtube views also means revenue for "news" sites. I remember when Gonintendo posted about the movie version of Need for Speed coming out just because Most Wanted was recently announced for Wii U. There were even some "Nintendo-specific" sites reporting on the mobile game too...

I will just here that RMC doesn't monetize his videos, so if you watch direct from youtube, he gets absolutely nothing from this.

Thanks for the exclusive information RMC!
I'd be really disappointed if BOTW doesn't make launch but hey, I would rather get a game that's 100% finished, polished and translated rather than a rushed release.

I am mainly concerned that the disappointment of Zelda missing launch could in the eye of the public overshadow the Mario game that supposedly replaces it. That would be really sad as a new Mario game is in and of itself a huge event.

Meh, there's nothing special here, I feel like I wasted 3 minutes.


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