Nintendo of America updates release schedule, pushes Rime & Disgea 5 forward

Originally, Nintendo posted the following picture when showcasing their release schedule...

?They have since then removed the original picture and updated it with the following picture...

The most notable changes are that the logos for Skyrim, NBA 2K18, and Fifa have been updated, and Rime and Disgead 5 have been added into the Spring 2017 slot. 
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Odd how this all wasn't sorted out before the presentation.

I mean, most third party and indie stuff came straight after. It baffled me.

Not to mention why the Switch online system isn't fully in place Day 1...

Fri Jan 13 17 04:12pm
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The first picture is for Europe. The second one is for North America. Nothing changed at all. People just saw the European lineup and assumed the American one would be exactly the same.

EDIT: Ah, wait, they are different. My bad. XP

Fri Jan 13 17 04:14pm
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This list is deperessing.

Xenoblade 2 is just bait, it will never release this year.

I think Nintendo will face an upwards battle again. High price and sparse first party lineup remind me of the 3DS launch.

Right now I see a not so portable portable console or a slightly beefed up Wii U like stationary console.

Why isn't shovel knight or Yooka Laylee on this list? I was sure they had been confirmed for a Switch release.

Fri Jan 13 17 05:51pm
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It doesn't have Lego City Undercover either, which Amazon has for 4/30/17 release date.

Fri Jan 13 17 05:57pm
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Shovel Knight has definitely been confirmed. I can't remember if Yooka is official yet, but it's been hinted to death. Also Runner 3.

Pretty sure the only things to feel more solidified is the Launch-April releases. Spring is tangible and anything else could be covered by E3 with more games (potentially).


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