Nintendo shares updated Switch games inforgraphic again

This infographic has been updated, but it's still missing some key titles. The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + is launch day, Shovel Knight isn't mentioned, Yooka-Laylee is nowhere to be found, and a handful of indie games as well.

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Fri Jan 20 17 04:01pm
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Yeah, it really is missing a good amount of titles. I'm not sure why they don't stuff this infographic with as many games as possible. (Okay, the graphic design concerns are obvious, but it doesn't seem like a very compelling infographic to me without everything on it.)

And yet so many people say it's DOA because no games.

These people are forgetting year 1 of the Wii U and it's enormous post-launch game droughts then [or are just trolling].

I think I recall the Switch version of Yooka-Laylee will be covered in a Kickstarter update soon. I just hope it doesn't come out sometime silly like September time over a May, June or July release.

I think it's remarked because it's coming amid PS4 and Xbone releases. Several big titles are also coming in March. I mean if it were the first year of the other two, perhaps the Switch will be more expected considering on the first year PS4 and Xbone had mostly games coming for the 360 and PS3 and remakes of those with slighter better graphics (and a few with smoother fps).They took over a year to deliver something new like Bloodborne or the Witcher 3.

First years for a console nowadays suck. I mean we could say that about VR which is also tackling new ideas but still it's looking to find it's footing. It's just the overreaction by people being impatient.

There's many people who are still saying there's no good third party games or too much shovelware. People are so use to saying that when the Wii U was around they can't shake off that mentality even when the Switch has third party support.

They are crazy for leaving anything noteworthy off this graphic. People will assume this is everything. They don't even have Fire Emblem Warriors on there. The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ getting physical release on launch day should be exciting for some people.

Yeah Fire Emblem Warriors, Binding of Isaac, Cave Story, 1001 Spikes, Redout, Constructor, Graceful Explosion Machine, etc. But even this list isn't complete for 2017...much more coming at E3.

ALSO, to bring this news to a head, anybody notice how Seasons of Heaven is nowhere to be found? And how Seasons of Heaven teams have been silent? Telling. The game is a fraud.

I'm still not sure if I am getting a Switch at launch or not but Breath of the Wild, I am Setsuna, and Fast RMX would give me plenty to do for awhile and those are all in March.

Why does it say Xenoverse 2 is a working title?

Probably they are going to put a subtitle on the name when it releases on the Switch, like dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Super saiyan edition

Until proven otherwise, it's healthy to assume that most of the "80+ titles in development", are likely indie games, not retail games from big third party publishers.

Why is Shovel Knight not on here? It's a limited time switch exclusive for crying out loud!

Great line up!
Happy to have bought Nintendo Switch + Zelda!


Here's a pretty decent list of all titles confirmed so far for Switch. May have been posted here before, but I can't recall.

Dude, thank you for this!!!! Awesome list with links to each game's trailers. Solid.

Hmm, summer is really empty. E3 reveals with quick launches?

As others have already mentioned, what has Nintendo been doing since they've basically stopped supporting Wii U in it's last 2 years? I think it's telling that there's seemingly a huge whole left open that has yet to be filled with AAA games, both from Nintendo and 3rd parties.

I can't help but think Nintendo must have a few heavy hitters held tightly under their wing that'll be revealed at E3, that must blow our minds. I'd be shocked, otherwise. I also think, based on everything they've shown so far, that they've purposely downplayed the graphical potential this system really has in favor of hopefully catching the competition, somewhat, off guard.

I also know that this could be nothing more than blind hope from a 37 year old fan that has never owned any system but Nintendo's and longs for the day they are #1, again! lol :0)


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