RUMOR - Only Switch preorder option in Hong Kong/Singapore is a Switch/two game bundle

The following info comes from a source on Reddit, as well as our own personal source who has backed this information up, and provided a bit more context.

- customers in Singapore/Hong Kong are forced to get the Switch as a bundle
- bundle includes a Switch, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1-2 Switch
- no word on pricing yet
- the order to sell the Switch like this has come from Nintendo themselves
- if customers preordered before this bundle mandate came down, they still have to get both games
- if the bundle option isn't taken, money is refunded and preorder is cancelled

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Wow, a bundled in game with a console?
What a novel idea.

A two game bundle not offered anywhere else, eh. Man, I hate to think how much Nintendo will charge Chinese fans here...

There's probably some market research saying this country doesn't buy many games other than what's packaged in. So an extra hundred bucks or what have you will feel fair and give Nintendo a high enough profit to make the release in the territory worth it

I probably would get that bundle if I lived there (depending on the price). They seem to be the two best games at launch and I'm already buying Breath of the Wild for mine. But I can understand why it sucks having a company force you to buy certain games rather than letting you make the decision yourself.

Wed Jan 25 17 08:42am
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Same. If it was two crappy shovelware games, I wouldn't want it, but Nintendo's two launch titles will be anything but that. So, I would have probably bought it if that bundle was an option here, but completely understand why others don't want to be forced to do so.

Also, isn't piracy a huge concern over there because of a lack of IP law enforcement? I could see that factoring in as well.


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