Nintendo official ends Wii U production for Japan

The Wii U has been in its death throes for awhile now, but today we're really seeing the last breaths. Nintendo has announced via their official Japanese website that Wii U production has ended for Japan. We're waiting on word for other regions, but as far as Japan goes, the Wii U is officially over.

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I serious hate this news.

The Wii U only sold about 13% of what its predecessor sold. Pulling the plug is the best choice.

Tue Jan 31 17 07:20am
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I think OP was making a pun. Smile

The story title uses the word 'official' instead of 'officially'. OP used the word 'serious' instead of 'seriously'.

I definitely thought it was an individual official at Nintendo who ended the production, like in some kind of ceremony

Yes, I was :D
I suppose it wasn't clear enough :p[*]

Oh god, I thought you were t27duck for a moment

Well, despite it's flaws, the Wii-u was nice when it lasted. Well, time to move on to the Switch.

My gamefly account only shows 2 upcoming boxed games for the system, BotW and Darksiders Warmastered. I'll bet you a lot of fake money the Darksiders game will never see the light of day.

You were too good for this world, Wii U.

Switch will never be an adequate replacement in my eyes.

Say what you want about it not having games, I still have PLENTY of games to try out. Hell, I haven't even played Super Mario 3D World.


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