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Tue Jan 31 17 09:32pm
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Switch needs a solid launch turning into momentum leading to a great first holiday to establish itself. It doesn't need a bunch of games on March 3rd. Remember: we who comment here don't represent the average consumer, and it is how well the Switch reaches them, not us, that will determine its success. And it has all year to reach them, not just March 3rd.

Zelda being Day 1 is enough, and that middle paragraph is especially key.

It's a big reason why the Wii U failed [miscommunication of the concept etc. aside].

Tue Jan 31 17 09:32pm
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Switch needs a solid launch turning into momentum leading to a great first holiday to establish itself. It doesn't need a bunch of games on March 3rd. Remember: we who comment here don't represent the average consumer, and it is how well the Switch reaches them, not us, that will determine its success. And it has all year to reach them, not just March 3rd.

Honestly I do feel it's better to space out the releases rather than trying to squeeze everything into the launch day, because frankly if they did that then the biggest complaint is the system wouldn't have any worthwhile games in the months between launch and the holidays.

Also it's not like you HAVE to buy it day 1, if you wanna wait for the holidays so you can buy Zelda, Mario, Xenoblade 2, and Splatoon 2 all at once you can do that too.

Tue Jan 31 17 10:01pm
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Honestly there's more cool stuff coming out for the Switch in 2017 than the Wii U got in its entire lifetime so I'm cool with it

Excited to see if any other games get announced at E3 for Switch for a 2017 release.

Nah, what they say is bogus. It's not like everyone who likes Nintendo therefore likes Zelda, therefore likes Mario Kart 8 UHD Remake, therefore likes Arms, etc. People could just want one of those games.

It makes sense to dribble out titles like this because it sounds like at the moment, all systems appear to be spoken for. Thus, Zelda fans can hunt down systems first, and as the other games come out, people who want them can try to chase down systems. It doesn't help to put all the games on the shelf in April if they can't make enough systems to satisfy demand.

Tue Jan 31 17 10:21pm
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That's still weak. They should have all of those games out the gate, and several others throughout the year. There's no reason why they should have such few titles when there's been nothing releasing on Wii U the past two years. We should also be seeing more games after they've combed their portable and home divisions. There should be far more first and second party games than what they've shown. And spreading them thin like this is a very bad sign.

Wed Feb 01 17 01:27am
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Imo what they are doing is good. They want the indies & 3rd parties games to sell in between the 1st party releases. If Nin released all those day 1, you will have the media coverage focusing a lot of Nin's games thus making all 3rd parties games & some indie tities to become a shadow. That there will continue to backup 3rd party games don't sell.

Its best Nin does this so when the time comes for indies & 3rd party games to release on the Switch. The games will get a fair shot on its reviews & besides that, encourage more to pick up other games because they know key Nin games are far off. Thus grabbing whats next to kill time for Nin's games.

I have to agree that this is indeed pretty weak. Considering the output on the Wii U for the last year, Nintendo is telling us that there are a whole 6 games coming to the platform in 2017? Sure, I guess 6 Nintendo games in a year isn't terrible, but when the only other stuff in between isn't exactly groundbreaking and one I the games is 1-2 Switch, yeah. This is a very bleak lineup. Not for me, mind you. I'm incredibly stoked to get my hands on these games and others like Wonde Boy, but I'm not your average gamer with a ton of time to play.
I'm gonna love Switch, but unless something changes in a very big way, there's no chance this thing outsells Wii U.

On the Wikipedia page there are 56 games listed as coming in 2017. And there are the inevitable E3 announcements coming as well, which I'm sure will include some holiday 2017 titles.

I'm personally okay with the lineup. Great big first party games sprinkled throughout the year (Zelda, Mario Kart, Splatoon, Arms, Mario, Xenoblade 2) and cool looking indie games in between.

Xenoblade 2 is a game that I really doubt that it will be released this year.

True. I'd be happy with it coming within the next 2 years regardless.

Tue Jan 31 17 10:49pm
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Of course. What else are they going to say? They're not going to admit that their launch is weak - they're going to put a positive spin on it however they can. Cause you know they'd be boasting about their large, strong launch library if they had one. Instead they're saying "it's not the size that counts but how you use it."

That's what someone says when it's small.

I think the launch lineup is fine. You can't have too many game come out at the same time. I have 3 games I want just in March alone and one of them is Zelda, so you know I'm gonna be busy for at least that month.

I get it on their end. At $300, the average consumer (not us on GN) won't be buying more than 1-2 games at launch and that for most consumers, it'll either be Zelda (for the core) or 1,2 Switch (for the non-core).

Tue Jan 31 17 11:56pm
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The launch window reminds me of Wii U where you only get to enjoy the console a week at a time every couple months butI expect them to announce more at E3. hopefully this isn't all they have to offer....

This makes the fact that the joycons don't have analog triggers even harder to accept. Gamecube VC would've kept us all occupied and I would've been very happy to replay all those old titles.....

The importance of analog is that it has 2 buttons in one right? Couldn't they just assign the 2 analog buttons to the 4 digital shoulder buttons for the same function or at least close enough to make it doable?

Well they have more than two inputs but I guess it could work.. L/R could register as "light" pressure, ZL/ZR could register as hard... but then what about everything between? If all else fails then they could re-release the GCN adapter + controller.

They probably opted out on analog triggers to maximize on profit per unit when they likely would've made more money with Mario Sunshine on the VC alone. grrr.... Also during their Switch presentation it was so funny how they said the Switch took everything from past consoles and all made sense except for the Gamecube's handle. like really? Give us analog triggers dammit!

That's exactly what I mean and I see what you mean as counting the area in between light and hard. I also thought the same thing during the presentation. Do the other systems have games that really use the analogs? I only have Nintendos (as in plural) that's why I'm in the dark so if analogs are heavily utilized in third party games it definitely makes it that much more aggravating in terms of parity, especially when Nintendo is basically responsible for the traditional controller as we know it!

Last thing they want on their hands is a game like No Man Sky because they rushed these games to us. Just take your time Nin because I'll have my hands full with Zelda & some eShop while I wait for the rest of the line up.

Well, I mean, look at it this way. When was the last time any Console or Portable launched with a title as big/hyped as Breath of The Wild? The Switch could probably need at least one more semi-big title from Nintendo at launch, but Zelda is still much bigger than we usually get for a launch. ^^

Wed Feb 01 17 08:04am
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Once again we won't have games for the system so we thinned the schedule of releases to make us look better.


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