Hideo Kojima checks out 1-2 Switch

You know Kojima could make something incredibly wacky for Switch. I really hope we see at least one game from him on the system. Perhaps it's time to bring back Boktai?

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Doesn't Sony own Kojima's new studio?

No, it's independent, but I think they have a contract with Sony for some franchise.

Sony is just publishing his first game.

Fri Feb 03 17 06:39am
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I know he's a Sony lover but for once show some more love to Nin & bring us some games. There are still fans of his work on Metal Gear from Nes, 3ds, GC & GB so all is still good. I hope he can announce he got a dev kit from Nin.

Fri Feb 03 17 09:38am
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He's a big Nintendo fan. Him and Sakurai are old friends and he pushed for snake in Smash.

He just also really likes Sony.

Fri Feb 03 17 02:58pm
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lol, indeed. Let us hope at E3 he can show something. I know it won't be what he is working on right now so I'm training myself to stay clam, lol.

It does have an infrared camera Smile

The fifth Boktai game for Switch?

Count me in coach!

Fifth? I thought theyre where only 2

The third never made it to the west, due to bad sales of the first two in USA - the fourth got renamed to "Lunar Knights" (on the DS)

Had no idea. I'm usually pretty good at knowing this stuff, I guess it's because I was never into the series.

Would love to see another Boktai

The man has always been very interested in bringing gameplay elements that mix the real world and the world of the game so that's not really surprising.

Boktai would be awesome. I missed out on that series.


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