Nintendo trademark applications for Arms, Eternal Darkness, Excite Truck, Snipperclips, hits snag with Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has grabbed trademark applications for the following games:

- Arms
- Eternal Darkness
- Excite Truck
- Snipperclips

Nintendo also tried to grab one for Super Mario Odyssey, but a bit of an issue cropped up. The USPTO issued an office action suspending further action on Nintendo's trademark application for Super Mario Odyssey. This is due to the potential likelihood of confusion with a prior-filed pending application. The best part about all this? The confusion is pegged to another Nintendo title, Super Mario Run.

This shouldn't be a major issue and Nintendo should have it all cleared up soon. Don't start worrying about the game being pushed back due to this.

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Sun Feb 05 17 02:59pm
Rating: 4

Eternal Darkness + HDrumble = insanity..

Sun Feb 05 17 01:38pm
Rating: 1

So Nintendo can trademark the colloquial name for a limb but not the hot new Mario game? Makes sense!

Yeah, I was wondering how one can even trademark "Arms"...

I'm also wondering how that name is particularly colloquial, though

The way I understand it according to people on GAF is that it's only being trademarked for use in video games and it only applies if the game is using "Arms" by itself. Meaning: no this doesn't mean "Wild Arms" suddenly has to drop the "Arms" part of its name, it just means that so long as the trademark exists no other company can name a game just "Arms." A company could call a game "Arms and Legs" and they'd be fine.

The first case of mobile impacting console? /sarcasm

I have to wonder if the office could be sued for damages if it delayed the game because of their incompetence.

They're not going to delay it. Mario is already trademarked anyway

This only means we may be seeing Eternal Darkness VC, Excite Truck HD re-release and with the previous news of them grabbing Wave Race, we may see a new one coming.

Meh, Excite truck. Bring an F-Zero instead.

Sun Feb 05 17 02:41pm
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Please another Excite Truck or Excitebots! Those games were so much fun! And Eternal Darkness!

Sun Feb 05 17 02:59pm
Rating: 4

Eternal Darkness + HDrumble = insanity..

Oh man, I thought Excite Truck was dead! This is amazing news! At the very least they're thinking about it!!!!!

Excite truck was fun! Give me another one Nintendo

The Joycons are PERFECT for Excite Truck, make it happen!

Yeah digital triggers are perfect for racers

(sarcasm directed towards Nintendo who chose digital over analog so no offense lol)

I wonder if Nintendo will use the analog controls on the individual joycons? While the triggers & shoulder buttons on the top of the console are digital, the 'shoulder' buttons on the inside of each joycon are analog as far as I could tell from the 1-2 Switch demos.

Are you saying SL and SR are analog? I have a hard time believing that, seeing how tiny they are

I don't know if they really are, but that's the impression I get from the 'Milking" game in 1-2 Switch. I'm probably just seeing what I wanted to see... I miss analog triggers for SMS.

Ah. I was wondering if I should preemptively mention Milk, since I had a feeling that's where you got the idea. Yeah, it kinda looks analog-y there because of how you press the buttons sequentially while also making a stroking movement. It gives the illusion of analog input for the triggers, but I am fairly sure it's digital. Have you seen the size of the SL and SR buttons? There's no "pressing room" for analog to even really function

Excite Truck was amazing. I didn't really like Excitebots though it was too over the top "EXTREME!" game for me. Excite Truck on the other hand, I remember countless hours driving around the tracks listening to my music it was a blast! Hope we get a sequel.

I wouldn't worry about Super Mario Odyssey being pushed back as a result, more of it undergoing a name change.


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