Nintendo makes dying Zelda fan's wish come true

Gabe Marcelo did not have an easy life. He was dealing with a heart condition from birth, and it was only getting worse. The 26-year-old was facing the very real possibility that he wasn't going to be part of this world anymore. While he recognized and owned that, there was one thing that kept pushing him forward.

Gabe was a massive Legend of Zelda fan. The series meant so much to him, which is why he could barely contain his excitement over The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While he was filled with glee over the trailers that had been shown, Gabe also realized that he might not make it to the game's launch date. Rather than sit back and accept fate, Gabe set out to go hands-on with Breath of the Wild before his health issues caught up with him.

While there were a few missteps along the way, the end result was Gabe meeting up with Nintendo at their Seattle headquarters. Nintendo set up a special day for Gabe, where he got to play Breath of the Wild, and also got a tour of Nintendo's facilities. It was an absolute dream come true. The realization of a dream Gabe never thought could be.

While Gabe did his best to hang on until Breath of the Wild's launch date, he sadly passed away in January. We send our condolences to all those impacted by the loss of Gabe. While Gabe may be gone, his spirit can live on through all those excited about Breath of the Wild.


Saw this story when it was first posted on Reddit, and it's still as heartwarming now. Really glad Nintendo helped him experience the game before it was too late.

Wow this is sad & messed up. I wish he could have gotten more years in to exp more to life & play Zelda completely. We all know how awesome the Switch is & a lot of us can't wait to get it so to know your changes of not getting one or to go on in life is always scary. I pray no one has to go through any kind of pain he had gone through. My condolences to his family & may he find peace!

Mon Feb 06 17 06:11pm
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Kudos to Nintendo for making his last days better. I am sure he had a blast with Chico there.

Agreed. Very cool of Nintendo and they made the hands-on session even better by letting him game with one of the most badass players I've ever seen.

Mon Feb 06 17 07:02pm
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Put the poor young lad in the credits Nintendo. I know you wouldn't dedicate the game to his memory, that would probably be dedicated to Satoru Iwata instead I believe, but give him a small space in the credits, even if it's just in the North American version. I think that would be a great tribute.

Mon Feb 06 17 11:33pm
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Nah..I know how you feel but that wouldn't do any good as its more of a personal matter.

But they better give a tribute to Iwata-san seeing how he was part of the game at the time and that he was the first to announce the game as well.

Tue Feb 07 17 07:41am
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Quite frankly, if Nintendo could feature Chris Houlihan in A Link to the Past when all he did was being picked at random from a draw in Nintendo Power, then this grown up man who has shown devotion and love for the series till his last days deserves it just as much.


Well then in that case, why didn't Nintendo honor Robin Williams and this guy?!?!? C'mon Nintendo, do it already!!!!!!

It should be mentioned that the tribute to this guy was so well hidden, it's pretty much impossible to find, even if you know what you need to do. You definitely wouldn't find it during a normal playthrough.
It essentially involves bugging yourself out to teleport yourself to the Houlihan Room.
It also was changed to a normal room in the rerelease

They couldn't let him play the Switch version? Boo

So...any of you guys here still feel Nintendo's a jerk to you?


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