Switch powered by 4x ARM Cortex-A57 cores (UPDATE)

UPDATE - ARM has said that the verbiage above is 'not an official statement' and the post will be removed. However, they did not say the info was incorrect. Thanks to Nintyrift for the heads up.

You guys probably know I'm not too interested in this stuff, but I know many of you are. For what it's worth, there's some official information on the Switch's guts. Not all the details people are looking for, but it's certainly nice to have some confirmed specs.

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Can any tech heads tell me what this means at the end of the day?

That it's pretty much just a Tegra X1 like I've been saying for over half a year now while no-one believed me. :P

But it means it lines up with my expectations, Switch is to Wii U what Wii was to GameCube in terms of power, so no big jump, but a decent upgrade. It also means it is, like people have said before, probably the most easy to develop console for ever made since it's using the same basic architecture as most developer used PCs.

Not just an X1. Looks more like an optimized version of an X1. The stock X1 can't run Mario Kart 8 in 1080p 60FPS native with 4 player split screen. Hell it struggles running Wii games in 1080p native.

So I'm thinking some new optimized version of the X1 with OS optimization and more Nvidia stamped implemented

What makes you say a stock X1 couldn't run Mario Kart 8? Emulating systems is very different than running native software.

That's very true. However as someone who owns an Nvidia shield I can tell you that the power of the Tegra X1 is greatly over talked in digital foundries analisys. I understand that an android OS isn't optimized for gaming, but from what I've seen in person on the Switch it blows away what the default X1 can do.

To be precise, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe runs at 30fps when 4-player splitscreen. :I

Source: Any preview of the game

Not on Switch. Nintendo confirmed this many times on the treehouse stream

It looked 30 when I saw Treehouse gameplay.

But I'll take either over the 15-20fps of the Wii U version's 4 player mode.

Wed Feb 08 17 03:48am
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Are you talking about the Shield TV? Because the X1 at its full potential reaches 500 gflops, that's more than 2.5 times the Wii U. Shield TV is severly hampered by running on android, also, I assume you're talking about emulation. Android based emulators aren't all that.. Well they straight up suck.Like I said, basic X1 setup far exceeds Wii U (that is; at a full 10 watt power draw, which is too much for a handheld)

Edit; has already been said by someone.

4x Arms?

ARMS sequel confirmed.

Tue Feb 07 17 05:02pm
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It's powered by half an octopus.

Guess that's why they could only use squids for Splatoon.

Tue Feb 07 17 05:11pm
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The Nvidia Tegra X1 uses four A57 cores running at 2ghz. The ARM A57 itself is a sixty-four bit, four core (in this configuration) CPU. The Tegra X1's GPU has 256 cores running at 1ghz. If this is what is in the Switch. Could be a heavily customized variant. The X1 came out two years ago. Could be upclocked, have more cores, etc. by now.

Tue Feb 07 17 05:55pm
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Remember that Nintendo tends to care more about battery life and heat build up than they do graphical prowess. Also consider handheld mode is the starting point. They will not have upped the cuda core count on the GPU (not sure there's even room on the die), nor will it be upclocked. I'm thinking they first downclocked to the point they were satisfied with handheld mode, and then for docked mode increased the clock just enough to let a previous 720p game run in 1080p smoothly, and not beyond that point.

This is a good point. I just meant Nvidia might have made a new chip with better power/spec ratio in two years that Nintendo might have employed.

But can it do "Blast Processing"? ;)

Just followed the link and it seems that it's just a recap of the speculation from Digital Foundry

The only difference is that ARM themselves are confirming it.

Tue Feb 07 17 06:21pm
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Cool to know it has 4 core ARM CPU. It is no slouch yada yada blah blah blah etc etc etc. It will be capable games will look good in 1080p 60HZ. Great. Now talk about the games! Nintendo knows how to make handhelds anyway. plus this is a hybrid. awesome! heh.

We don't need a 4 or 6 teraflops...errrr..wait wait wait...
would it even matter?(besides sucking battery life in seconds(ok im exaggerating)-It would be a problem to overcome but w/e (not to mention more expensive - there goes the affordability for the more mass market people) we have what we have now and it will be great...I won't even think of newer models in the future with MORE power..because that is the future this is now..and it is AWESOME without being a SUPERbeast in terms of raw power. It has POWER in INNOVATION and that SPECIAL Nintendo sauce. k. got it haters?")

Xbox Scorpio will head for 6.
and yet both are still weaker than any PC that can do 4K BETTER and at HIGHER framrates...and err who cares both systems ...(well the current xbox models included with PS4 and PS4 PRO) have great games and experiences and ...what ...they run at 30 and 60FPS ...and PC is higher framerates and better 4K....and so what. A system is a system its specs is its specs and you work within that system and you can make great games for it.

I think some gamers like the numbers game too much (pardon any punny) and are stuck with their heads up their asses...instead of oh oh oh look it will be cool (talking abotu the SWITCH) it will by default be a portable home hybrid with many configurations and an all in one gaming system(which will definitely have media apps web browsing and other features in future). It will bring HD rumble in new smaller controllers form factor with no wire and alot of new crazy things can be done here with this new innovative tech...and most importantly it will have great games Lemme repeat that GREAT GAMES!! I LOVE TO PLAY GAMES. This is why we buy consoles. This is why we play. Does anyone sit there and go my machine is 1 TERAFLOPS or 4 TERAFLOPS or 6 TERAFLOPS or do you just enjoy the **** game. *eyeroll*(edit ...i am not saying they have to like the SWITCH or buy it ...nobody does....obviously..but to completely discredit it based on just pure numbers = power and graphics is silly imho)

So let those who only care about numbers (that don't even mean much by the time the system has to run the game and do all kinds of things do you really think it reaches that kind of performance on paper? RARELY lol ...so those people are drawn in by numbers and if they know no better are actually duped. The consoles will always have better graphics and more power those are givens....better graphics more power...better graphics more power...(what a selling point EVERY GOD-DAMNED TIME and every time they are a level BELOW A PC in terms of raw power but it will always WOW the simple minded gamers...who then boast about their Xbox and Playstation and then bitch about the less powerful Nintendo box. )woot! (they will never mention their underpowered boxes...as long as they are more powerful than w/e Nintendo brings that fact is negated. lol

SWITCH is gorgeous in so many ways(innovation being one obviously).
i am done here.

One more thing if graphics and CPU are beefed(as usual as always that is never much a surprise) it is worth it and it is great.
If Nintendo innovates it is not worth it its a shit experience....
How do gamers think? or the better question is do they THINK at all?
Do they even have brains?

Hope you feel better soon.

"yada yada blah blah blah etc etc etc."... yup, this post has it all

...He scratched on the walls of his cell using nothing but his fingernails.

even if is pretty much expected, this source is still speculation (because is based from an speculation of a rumor leaks), even though if it comes from ARM social media is weird but is not a confirmation.

Guess you should have taken a screen shot.

Looks like the Facebook post got deleted. Certain specs must be under some serious NDA or something.

I'd recommend the NeoGAF discussion on this. Not worth believing for several reasons.


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