Aonuma shares his favorite music from the Zelda series

Question #8: What’s your favourite music track from the Zelda series?

EA: As you may already know, I’m the president of Nintendo’s wind ensemble, and I’m the one in charge of percussion.

My favorite music track from the Zelda series is the music from the Molgera boss battle, in the Wind Waker. I really like it because that track starts with powerful percussions. It begins with Taiko Drums, which are big traditional Japanese drums, but what you hear is not the sound you get when you hit the drumhead, but the outer edge of the drum instead, which gives a very peculiar type of percussions that I’m going to perform for you now…

It’s that kind of rhythm, that continues throughout the whole track, that I find really powerful. Also, there’s a real mix between symphonic sounds and traditional Japanese music sounds, and I really like that in this song.

By the way, the name of our wind ensemble is “The Wind Wakers”.


"president of Nintendo’s wind ensemble"

I did not know this. Miyamoto plays guitar and Aonuma got percussion? Okay, Koizumi. What do you play, and when's the next Nintendo concert?

I love the Molgera theme too. I love "the Wind Wakers". Aonuma is an interesting man.

Mon Feb 27 17 03:12pm
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An interesting choice and definitely the choice of a musician, less likely to be impressed by the sheer power of full orchestral themes, which are the usual fan favorites.

Wind Waker is such a classic game. It's also the game I bought my Gamecube for.

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