Head of Xbox says he loves the Switch hardware design

Coming from an IGN interview with Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer...

"Our relationship with Nintendo is great...they've done some really innovative work. I love the hardware design. Anytime Nintendo brings a new product to the gaming market it's good for all of us."

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Thu Mar 02 17 02:53pm
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Fanboys just want competing consoles to crash and burn. Corporations are busy congratulating each other. Welcome to the console wars.

It's the same thing in nearly any other industry though. It's not just gaming. People need to make everything a competition and need to feel validated

I've never really been into sports but I do treat video games as such. So it's not that I want anyone to fail but I'm definitely rooting for the team I believe in most.

Maybe this is microsoft's chance to make that xboy everyone was waiting for the last decade.

Thu Mar 02 17 04:33pm
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"...but at the end of the day, people will buy an xbox for the multiplatform games especially in the west. We cater to different needs" what he would probably say.

because I would rather play a nintendo game on the go and a multiplat on the xbox (better online/more DLCs/Achievements/FAR better discounts etc) and this is a vicious cycle nintendo does not seem to get out of.

I'm sorry but muliplats are NOT better on Xbox, or any console. PC has the best online/more DLC/achievements on services like steam and HUGE discounts. Not to mention better control options, modding communities, best sound and graphics and frame rates ext.

Also i own all consoles and a pair of powerful PCs. I'm not some crazy eleitest just stating facts here.

Why do you have two PCs? For coop?

Yes One for my wife and honestly I have three, but one is for work.

Fri Mar 03 17 04:33am
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and yet PC game sales are quite low compared to its console counterparts (GTAV - the superior version, only sold 0.41M on the PC). Of course if you spend the combined amount of all the consoles on a PC you will get the best experience, but apparently...very few do so and those who do, end up playing WOW and LOL (looking at sales numbers again)

The achievement system is far stronger on the xbox since EVERY game supports them (whereas not all PC games or even steam released games have them) the sales on Xbox are just as ridiculous for those who check every tuesday, it does not cost an arm and a leg to buy the hardware, it is far more accessible compared to spending time with the graphics settings (I believe it is the programmer's job to make my machine play the game at a stable framerate NOT mine) and to go back to my original comment, there never was a proper reason to buy multiplats on a nintendo console since the competition was always offering so much more (very few exceptions being console exclusive versions and a select number of wii ports like resident evil 4 and okami where motion controls improved on the experience) and it looks like they will keep up the "I dont care about the competition" game, wodnering why their "casual-hardcore" fans do not buy multiplatform games on nintendo consoles.

I don't want to keep this console vs PC argument going as I don't really care. Like I said I own everything. I can play litterally any video game ever made, provided I have the money to buy it. (I'm not paying 25 grand to play stadium events)

I will however agree that Nintendo isn't the place to play AAA muliplatform games. I prefer playing indies on Nintendo systems and with the ability to take them with me, that I now have it's a lock.

If there's any area Nintendo has a clear advantage in it's hardware design. The PS4 looks like a toaster and the Xbone is basically a VCR.

Phillips CDi

Now THAT was a console.


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