Runner3 reconfirmed as Switch exclusive

Coming from Choice Provisions' Dant Rambo...

“After years of spreading ourselves thin focusing on several platforms at once, it’s been an incredible relief to focus all our efforts on just one platform, and for it to be so easy to develop for,” says Rambo.

There's been some confusion as to what's up with Runner3 as far as exclusivity goes. Now we have a double confirmation on the title just coming to Switch.

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Wow. As far as indie titles go, this is a major win for Nintendo. The series is excellent and the trailer for Runner 3 looked fantastic.

So, is that exclusive exclusive or exclusive for a short time exclusive? Even the original Bit.Trip games eventually migrated to other platforms.

Well it sounds like it's exclusive exclusive. When they showed it off in the Indie showcase (direct), they specifically said it's exclusive to Switch, just like many other that were stated as exclusives. Now there were a few more titles that they specifically stated will come the Switch first (meaning a timed exclusive).
Things can always change down the road but in the video they were pretty keen to state whether it was exclusive to Switch, coming to Switch first (timed exclusive) or just coming to coming to the switch.

It'll definitely make it to other consoles at some point (unless Nintendo have paid for exclusive rights or something).


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