Russian retailer lists Batman: The Telltale Series for Switch

We know that Telltale is bringing stuff to Switch, but they remain quiet on titles outside of Minecraft Story Mode. Now a Russian retailer has added in yet another title slated for Switch, complete with boxart. Could Batman: The Telltale Series be heading our way?

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instead of the new walking dead, we get this last gen telltale series. No achievements, no collection, no place to put the game...and there is already an ios and android version

no they are not trolling nintendo...

Wed Mar 15 17 07:11pm
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Not everything is a conspiracy. They probably just think that Minecraft and Batman are more in line with the Nintendo fanbase. And yes, I realize that it's ridiculous to think that way and that people of all ages play games on Nintendo platforms, but it is what it is. That's the industry's mentality.

I personally really enjoyed this title, but I was able to get it for like ten bucks during a holiday sale. I don't know that there are that many people willing to pay $24.99, $29.99, or whatever this winds up being. More power to them though.

"I personally really enjoyed this title, but I was able to get it for like ten bucks during a holiday sale."

and that makes two of us. I am not saying its a conspiracy but simply idiotic business decisions. Then telltale will complain that the game did not sell and will postpone releasing the newer games on the switch. The WiiU proved that old games released a few months fo a few years late at full price is not going to make people buy them just because they are on a new console. The only way to sell older games is to add more value like a collection of games or since we are still going through a crisis, MAKE THEM CHEAPER.

seriously, both the xbox one and the ps4 had free to play games pretty much at launch so even for those who had no money to spend on games, there were things to play. On the switch, you finish zelda, there is nothing else to do with the console and everything is very very expensive.

at least people used the wiiu browser a lot during the console's droughts... oh wait!

How is it last gen when the Batman Telltale game is on the same new engine the Walking Dead New Frontier is

Thu Mar 16 17 05:16am
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because in contrst to the new frontier, batman made it on the 360 as well and those two games do look drastically different. Of course it makes sense to play the entire series on a single console due to the choices you have made (and there is even a way to transfer saves from the 360 to xbox one for walking dead) so again that makes the switch the least preferrable platform to play the new walking dead game (if it ever gets released)

developer moaning in 3 2 1...

The new Walking Dead series isn't even done yet, not all episodes are out (third out of 5 comes out later this month). If they were to announce something for Switch, I doubt it'd be to announce "hey, we're bringing episodes late compared to the other platforms", I think they'd rather wait till the whole series is out to announce that they're bringing it out in its entirety, possibly both physically and digitally (I'd be down for the former).

Hunh a visual novel on a handheld, who would have thought

Not a fan of modern TT's direction

Wed Mar 15 17 08:07pm
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Aye, you are not the only one, kind of miss the classic Sam & Max level adventure.

Also, very tired of people declaring visual novels a game as well. Linear play with minimal punishment (if any) is hardly a game.

This game performed horribly on the ps4. I wonder how will they make it work on the switch

Eh, I'm not a fan of the TT games anyways (I really only got into Wolf Among Us). But support is still support.

The only Telltale games I'd be interested in are the Walking Dead ones. I have the first two seasons on iPad but I'd double dip, as well as take the third one.

I'll get it. Been wanting to play it.

Haven't gotten around to this yet. I'd love to see it on Switch. The more games, the better.


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