Nintendo doubling production plans for Switch

The following info comes from sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal...

- Nintendo plans to manufacture at least 16 million consoles over the fiscal year starting April 1
- this is twice their initial plan

Looks like Nintendo is quite happy with how the initial Switch units have moved. Doubling plans is a big deal. If Nintendo actually sells those 16 million units, that means the Switch will already have beaten total Wii U sales. Fingers crossed, big N.

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Great news. I have no doubt they'll have beaten Wii U's sales by the first anniversary of Switch next year!

If they can really pull off 16m within the first year, that'll be great for Switch. Not to mention to highlight how sad the Wii U situation was.

Heck, if it can keep up that momentum, it'd meet or even surpass Xbox One's total in two years. Not likely, but who knows what the future lies.

Fri Mar 17 17 11:21am
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I feel sorry for the Wii U. No lie, I'm actually typing this from mine right now. It really is a wonderful little machine. Just picked up the Bayonetta double-pack recently and been enjoying myself.

The poor thing really deserved more than the circumstances it was stuck in, and Nintendo themselves share a lot of the blame. Can you imagine how things would have turned out had they actually advertised it?

I agree. The day I got my Switch I unhooked the WiiU from my system, and I actually felt kind of bad about that. People kept saying "It's a failure!" but it certainly wasn't for me. It was the go-to system for party games when people came over to my house, and the amount of fun we had with Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. was immeasurable.

I measure a console's success or failure by whether or not it was able to give me enough good games to justify its purchase. And the WiiU exceeded that amount.

Fri Mar 17 17 11:25pm
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The Wii U is one of my favourite consoles. I play Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 everyday. Bayonetta alone was enough to sell me on that console. I'm really glad Nintendo decided to treat her like she was one of their own characters. Putting her in Smash, the costumes and the very fact that they saved the franchise when no one else wanted it. Here's hoping for Bayonetta 3 on Switch.

Did the comments on this article get reset?

Kinda. There was a second article on this that has now been deleted (www.gonintendo.com/stories/276236-report-nintendo-set-to-double-switch-production). You probably saw that article and the comments there

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