Mega Man design gets updated for upcoming cartoon

I'm still not really digging it, but I believe this design is quite a marked improvement over the last one. It also seems the series will be getting 52 episodes, each one clocking in at 11 minutes. Maybe this will fall into a traditional 30-min show, which each block consisting of two 11-minute stories.

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Even this 3D Mega Man look better

The new cartoon Mega Man look to thin for being a "real" boy at school

Mon Mar 20 17 02:18pm
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Definitely a better look than that first promo image (Though that one was from a weird front angle, which didn't help).

It's madness to me, but I know that there are many people that don't have a fondness for Japanese styled cartoons, maybe they weren't exposed much to it in younger years, that will prefer this more Western rendering of Mega Man. I certainly don't no matter how much they tweak it but to many in NA, kind of like with Greg Martin box art in the 90's, a western style attaches to them more

Mon Mar 20 17 03:19pm
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I do not for a single second believe this is about Japanese art vs "western" art; I believe it comes down to good art vs bad art. The original Japanese art is good art; the western art is not. I think if you rendered out both versions in glories HD and showed them to both kids and adults that the majority of people would pick the "Japanese" look and feel—well, certainly before they made the changes to the new design—because the original is just superior. There are things that are more universal in all good art than it simply being about geography, such as proper proportion and balance, and the new design gets most of the basics so wrong that it's not even funny (more so before the tweaks but even somewhat now too). I mean, why does his arm cannon above look like a frikin' arm band for swimming? Partly because the rest of his arm is sooo skinny by comparison. Basically, give them Nintendo's Mega Man* (as an example of a modern design that still actually looks like the old design), since that is rendered with modern techniques (so the kiddies won't just think it looks "old" or whatever), and see if they would choose the design above over Nintendo's example. . . . I doubt it. And if they do then most people really have bad taste these days.

* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp-ZvXa1YgE

Believe it or not, I did exactly that when the first iteration of this mega man concept came out. I presented that art and the Smash Mega Man render and the show concept was preferred by some. I do not believe it comes down (always) to technical proficiencies or well established style aesthetics. That's why I say it's madness. But there are common traits between this show concept and other modern Western styled animated characters (Not much is wholly unique here in this design). We may not like what we see but here but I personally believe there's enough familiarity in this Western designed Mega Man to make connections with people's tastes and exposure

Yeah, you can't account for morons with bad taste, I guess. Surprised

Mon Mar 20 17 02:58pm
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For Christ sake, Capcom! It's still frikin' ugly as sin. Even the animated version in games from the '90s looked way better:


Why can't you just make it look basically like that but in HD?

Seriously—you clueless numpties!

The art examples below are how Mega Man should look:





And even this Nintendo version would look great:



Christ, even this kind of thing would look far better than what you've gone for:


At least he's more recognizable with this iteration. Hopefully, the stories will be fun.

This is... fine. Doesn't look good or anything, but it's at least... fine. It's much more recognizable, like TheDreadPirateGuy said

I think it looks better than the redesigns of other mascot characters like Spyro, Sonic Boom, PAC Man, Banjo, and Old Conker. My biggest gripe are the animations we've seen so far.

Mon Mar 20 17 03:36pm
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Yeah, this is true in many cases. There's been this thing of changing classic looking game characters into these modern crappier looking versions, but just in HD and with some shininess plug some stupid costume adornment, like a new scarf or whatever. What happened to all the great artists that drew the originals? Can't we just get them back to draw the characters again but now in HD and with more rendering and stuff? Those original artists would surely blow away the modern examples in most cases. Christ, Nintendo is one of the few companies that has managed to recreate many of these old and beloved non-Nintendo characters in modern times in a way that actually made them look basically as good as the original artists envisioned them, which is just crazy on the face of it—that Nintendo can do a better job than the companies who actually created many of these characters. Surprised

Even this 3D Mega Man look better

The new cartoon Mega Man look to thin for being a "real" boy at school

Mon Mar 20 17 03:39pm
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Looks like a PJ Masks version of the character, which is probably what the show will be like... Because this cartoon will be for little kids. Who will probably like it just fine.

I'm sure if I were 33 instead of 4 when I got into Mario, I wouldn't have enjoyed the Super Mario Bros Super Show. Because it was for little kids.

Mon Mar 20 17 05:18pm
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That's actually pretty darn accurate

It looks better but I still don't like the eyes and the Highschooler premise is lame. This is just an excuse to keep writing Ben 10 but as a blue guy.

I don't like it but I'm clearly not the demographic they're going for. They want the kiddies.

Regardless what people say, I like it.

Reading these comments reminds me of the utter freakout over Toon Link being shown off, in fact some of the comments are almost exactly the same. What really had me laughing are those that this Mega Man is out of proportion. I mean like...really? Mega Man has always had wonky Popeye-like proportion with HUGE feet and forearms with thin everything else.

Is this my choice for what Mega would look like? No, however it's not anywhere near as bad as some people are trying to say. I'm just simply not the audience for this, and I'm smart enough to realize this.

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