GameStop - Switch purchase intent at PS4-or-higher level, can expand gaming audience

Coming from GameStop CEO Paul Raines...

"Purchase intent for Switch and Scorpio is at PS4 levels or higher. Just a note on the Switch launch: We have had a very successful launch so far, with high attach rates of software, particularly Zelda and related addons. The Switch has provided a dramatic lift in traffic in-store, and has real potential to be Wii-like in its potential to expand the gaming category from core to broad audiences."

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EVERY time i walk in a gamestop store I see a zelda ad. I would say around 8 out of 10 ads are nintendo related. Since this SHARPLY contrasts each company's market share, I would be willing to bet there are gains to be made by gamestop if nintendo does well.

then again it may just be a coincidence (NOT)

Totally different state of affairs over in the UK. Game, our main video game store ought to be ashamed. The Switch stand is tiny, i literally had to search down each aisle to find it, while the PS4 and Xbox areas could be seen from outside the store. Theres no posters up, no Zelda sign on the shop window. There are more accessories for sale in the supermarkets than in a specialist game store. And it's the same in Grainger Games, HMV, everywhere.

I have a Switch, Zelda and Pro Controller and a case. Purchased at 3 stores, none of them gamestop.

Stopped by yesterday just to see what they had. Quite a few pro controllers, but the guy said switch preorders for the next shipment sold out in the first hour.


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