GameStop talks about huge Switch demand, great attach rate, Zelda: BotW almost 1:1

Coming from GameStop COO Tony Bartel...

- GameStop is seeing "incredibly strong" demand for Switch
- as soon as stock comes in, it's sold out within hours
- GameStop anticipates chasing stock supply this entire year

Mr. Bartel also talked about the great attach rate Switch is seeing.

"The other thing is, every game that’s out there, to have over a five and a half attach rate to this, signifies that a lot of people are finding this a great platform and they’re picking up any games that they can. I mean, we have almost a one-to-one attach of Zelda.”


Thu Mar 23 17 10:24pm
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Your move third party.

"No body buys our games on Nintendo consoles."

They practically played their moved over a decade ago.

I really hope this trend ends. Cause right now there's a legit reason to buy third party games on the Switch. Portability. I don't expect every third party game to be on the Switch but there are some that are no-brainers like Kingdom Hearts 3, Nier Automata, GTAV, Rocket league, Minecraft, Overwatch, FIFA, Madden and NBA etc Those type of games don't rely on next generation hardware to work properly and look good. I don't expect Read dead Redemption 2, Final Fantasy VII Remake, FFXV, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Watchdogs etc. Switch is perfect for a companion device.

I'd love to have Nier Automata on the go!

Fri Mar 24 17 06:42am
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That game, for me, is more like a on the TV game like Zelda. But I would love it on the Switch if they could port it.

Dammit... Now I want to see what Platinum are doing for Nintendo even more...

I think the screen is so good, it works great with Zelda. And about Platinum, I would of course like a new game even more than NA. The Wonderful 101 is in the top 3 Wii U games for me.

Bayonetta 1-2 and TW101 are some of my fav games ever. So the Wii U was worth it for those alone. Hehe. But I wouldn't mind a Bayo 3 or TW102 for Switch ;)

Yes, the screen is amazing, butgames like Zelda with the distances and details feel better on the big screen. But it works darn well on the screen too, I will agree on that.

Well yeah there's an almost 1 to 1 rate with Zelda. Not like there's many other games out there. I'm curious what the people who don't get Zelda are buying it for? Maybe super hard core bomber man fans?

No obviously the people who didn't get Switch were going after Just Dance 2017. It's the second-must have game on Switch.

You mean "must not have". Just Dance is one of the worst contraptions I have ever tried.

Fri Mar 24 17 09:35am
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It's popular, though. 2017 is even still getting a Wii version along with the Wii U and Switch releases. If that doesn't say it's a casual mainstay, I don't know what will.

Meh, casuals are not worth marketing for. They are unreliable.

Fri Mar 24 17 04:54pm
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Casuals are unreliable because they're the most easily-swayed by marketing. If you don't market your product, you lose them, because they're not gonna go looking for news on it like more dedicated fans. But they're ultimately the deciding factor of what does and doesn't do well in this industry. Even my 65-year-old uncle knew what the PS4 was, three years ago, and I was only at his house that day to troubleshoot his eMachines computer, so let that tell you something. What casuals know of is what sells and what game devs make games for.

Honestly - and I know this is gonna be an unpopular opinion - even if they didn't change the name or hardware at all, I still believe the Wii U could've done a lot better had Nintendo actually advertised the damn thing. You know how much casuals would've been over that had they actually known what it was?

Casuals (at least the Wii generation kind) did not even come into play until the Wii came. The industry was quite healthy and doing very well without them. Casuals are gone and using smart devices now. The casual console market is now a niche market. The Wii grabbed the interest of casuals because of the fitness craze. That was the only reason.

Casuals knew what the Wii U was. The excuse stopped being valid years ago. They were simply not interested in games. Their phones though, they were all over that.

I know it was a joke. I was gonna go with 1-2 Switch instead but thought it might offend the hardcore likes everything Nintendo throws at them fanboys...

That hardly what I mean, but casuals are simply not a market you can rely on. The Wii has proven this when it was followed up by Wii U.

Sat Mar 25 17 10:49am
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Casuals was a term made to insult the Wii customers as if they were crappy, as a defensive move by the pr teams on the HARDCORE machines of the era. When you insult customers of a lower class market it's because you do not understand the market. This happens everytime an incumbent in a market is disrupted and forced upmarket. If you read some clayton christianson you will understand what really happened in the wii era, as it is you who have been manipulated by marketing, to believe hardcore gamers are some elite form of man while the casuals are fickle hard to understand lesser beings. The same exact thinghas played out in history multiple times with the incumbents most often taking the same defensive posturing and moving upmarket to "hardcore" customers, because they have failed in their own market. This has happened with steel mills, motorbikes, hydraulic excavators, hard drive manufactuers, and on and on.

Casual was a term made to describe people who play games in a casual manner. In other words, people who are not very invested in games. It is a demographic.

You fail to take into account casuao elitists. They have existed for a very long time, and way before the Wii era. Remember those angry children that harassed competitive Melee players? That was casual elitists. Elitism is not exclusive to skilled players.

A casual gamer is worthless if not turned into a core gamer. Accessible games should always have some hidden depth that compels people into wanting to delve further into the medium. A casual that remains casual is just a new smartphone consummer

Fri Mar 24 17 12:54am
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Hey, you may not have the third-party game of your dreams, but you still have Bomberman.

You all still have Bomberman.

No lie, I've been really enjoying Bomberman.

But then I stopped playing it once Zelda arrived in the mail later in the day, as I have NOT been able to quit it yet...

The whole year? *sigh*


Wasn't the Wii consistently sold out for like... over two years? I still kinda think GameStop execs are being overly confident about the Switch's future, but I guess some optimism is better than the usual bleak pessimism that surrounds Nintendo.


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