Reggie says Nintendo is going to have a 'big E3' this year

- Nintendo is focused on creating the next big idea
- reaction to Switch has been remarkable
- as of March 14th, when the interview was recorded, Switch was setting sales records every day for Nintendo in the U.S.
- Nintendo is going to have a big E3 this year
- E3 will be a majority opportunity for Nintendo


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Sigh. Fine... Choo choo!!

Sun Mar 26 17 01:34am
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I've been believing that this E3 is going to be insane for Nintendo now that the Switch is out and they don't have to keep anything related to it under wraps. I know there are going to be a ton of third party developers who have been making games for the Switch, but haven't had enough time to have something presentable for Nintendo's previous presentations like the one in January. So by E3 I'm sure many of those developers will have at the bare minimal a teaser trailer to show off, especially now that they know that the Switch is selling well and people appreciate its hybrid nature. Like really, when even people at Epic are appreciating the console, you know Nintendo's doing pretty well at reaching out to third-party developers.

Sun Mar 26 17 01:35am
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I hope Retro's new game is a new DK. This series is so much hype!

Sun Mar 26 17 05:23am
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I'd love to see another game with the DK franchise. Tropical Freeze is probably the best 2d platformer of the modern era.

Also if they do another Metroid, I really hope it's a different formula and not just more Prime. These games are nice but they just partly feel like Metroid to me.

If they're making a new Metroid, I do hope it's a return to 2D using their DKC engine. It honestly doesn't matter what they are working on though. I'm all for whatever they do. Retro hasn't failed me yet.

"Prime" and "Partly" shouldn't be in the same sentence when describing Metroid. Metroid Prime was ALL Metroid done in the best way possible. Unless you want another 2D Metroid game and that would be taking it back to its roots. But as far as a 3D Metroid game is concerned, the Metroid Prime series is god.

It's just that the two latest Metroid games were kind of boring. MP3 feels almost like a generic fps, and Other M didn't have the atmosphere or level design to fill out Samus's armour. So I think they at least have been uncertain about where to take the series from here. Maybe now that so many years have passed since MP2, they could go back to that formula. Or use the Breath of the Wild engine to make an open world Metroid game, like alone on a hostile planet kind of thing. That would be nice.

True. MP3 was a good game but the magic had disappeared at that point. Other M was an interesting take but the execution was flawed. Platinum could have done a lot with that idea.

I wouldn't mind an HD remaster with all the bells & whistles of a modern engine. It's been long enough.

A Metroid game with BOTW engine would be incredible! Although I think a Metroid game would be fantastic with Unreal Engine 4.

Yeah the more I think about it, the more I think the BOTW approach is best for Metroid. Not necessarily in the open-world department, but a Metroid game that gives you the main, if not all tools, from the start. I know that sounds like blasphemy and that part of Metroid's appeal is the progression of strength but I just can't fathom playing another Metroid game where I collect the same morph ball and missiles and bombs and charge beam and speed booster, etc. A NEW Metroid game needs to respect the player like BOTW did with Zelda in this aspect. Leave the tropes to a remake of Super Metroid or something.

Yeah, it can get tedious but like I've said before, I really wouldn't mind a HD full remake/remaster like Windwaker HD.

It'd be interesting to see where the franchise goes if we do get a new entry. I have a feeling that Platinum games may be called upon to handle this.

An open-world Metroid...wow. I've honestly never thought of that, but now my mind is spinning at all the crazy awesome ideas that could be put into an open-world Metroid.

Not everything needs to be open-world and Metroid is like the anti-thesis of open-world game design.

The industry is filled with open-world quick jobs (Ubi) and formulaic open-world rpgs that refine but don't reinvent anything (Bethesda / CD Project Red), and also formulaic MMOs up the *ss. The industry is saturated with these. So much that when something comes out that tries slightly different stuff, everyone goes nuts over the genius of reinventing a wheel that's been used way too much and has become way too familiar by now (BOTW).

So yeah, I don't think that would be a good idea.

Mon Mar 27 17 07:42am
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I'm a huge Metroid fan and to me, the authentic Metroid experence is closer to what the 2d outings deliver gameplay-wise. What I mean by that is that it's first and foremost a platformer with exploration. It's fast and jumps can get technical, very much run and gun when the action gets more tense.

In that sense, as far as the gameplay is concerned, I feel like Other M was much closer to what Metroid could be in 3d to replicate the feeling of the 2d games.

Now I'm aware that on top of "platform", "run and gun" and "exploration", the other key word for authentic metroid was "atmospheric". And Prime absolutely nailed that part. Without a doubt more so than Other M did.

So considering all of this I'd say as much as they definitely nailed 3d Mario and 3d Zelda, Nintendo (or Retro for that matter) has not yet cracked the code of 3d Metroid. I'd love to see them (or Retro) try again but it would definitely need a new series, not a Prime follow-up.

I see what you mean but i think Retro did the best possible 1st person Metroid experience that could've been done. I'd love another shot at Other M style of play but I'd gladly take a Metroid HD remake.

It's refreshing to see a fan of Prime that doesn't insist that Other M is the worst game ever !
Kudos to you ^^

I agree Prime, the first game, is probably the best formula they could do for a first person metroid, but maybe metroid shouldn't be first person? That's what I think anyway. Now don't get me wrong I would happily buy another Prime game, especially if it's done by Retro, but I'm not sure that's what they should be doing with the licence.

Another take at Other M would require some serious tweaks control wise and a level design more reminescent of Super Metroid and less like Fusion. I'd be all over this.

That's why I think Platinum may be the ones to deliver a 3D Metroid spectacular. Going by their latest endeavour, Nier Automata, which almost every genre type out there (3D action, top down shooter, side scrolling beat 'em up etc), I'd feel fairly confident with Metroid in their hands.

Also, they tend to make their characters bad-ass and slightly overpowered, which, let's face it, Samus being the baddest lady in the galaxy, deserves to exercise her powers to it's fullest potential. Add to it, some oversized and ridiculously tough bosses and you've got Metroid gold.

I loved pulling off that head/mouth melee canon shot in Other M. More of that please.

I'm glad I was able to get tickets this year. This E3 better be great.

Well another F-Zero, Ice Climber, Kid Icarus, Advance wars, Golden Sun AND Wario Land certainly can't happen right?

Sun Mar 26 17 03:49am
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Golden Sun might.. And I want it! But I'm not getting my hopes up.

I want Golden Sun, but realistically-speaking, Nintendo threw that series away.

Camelot that are the ones doing the golden sun, mario tennis and golf games, just released the mario sports game, so maybe now they start to think about the 4th game (and not mario tennis switch)!

Sun Mar 26 17 05:14am
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Well if you keep waiting for stuff we know are not going to happen, that's your choice, but it's pretty much a recipe for disappointment, right ?

I mean they pull off a Wario game out of nowhere from time to time so that's that, but all of these other stuff...

It always surprises me that every year people place all their hopes on sequels. There are good video games released every year, it's ok if we don't get an F-Zero... And Ice Climber, of all things?

Not to mention that said IPs sold poorly. If Fire Emblem were to end after Awakening, though I'd be upset, I can live with that and move on. But boycotting Nintendo products because of not bringing back certain IPs is certainly odd in which case, you'd miss out on a lot of other great games like Xenoblade....or Pushmo.

Oh God, I want another Golden Sun game so bad. Extremely underrated series.

Still a little early to get on the hypetrain though. But yeah, I feel like Nintendo's been holding back quite a few games and projects.

Never too early! Only 77 days left! Hype train time!

Sigh. Fine... Choo choo!!

Sun Mar 26 17 06:07am
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Lmfao, you made my day with this!

Sun Mar 26 17 01:31pm
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This has got to be the best comment to literally anything about E3.

Hopefully they get the two most consistent asks out of the way early on [a new Metroid game and a Mother Trilogy Collection].


Beyond the Mario Odyssey blow-out, Pokemon Stars and Animal Crossing Switch's official reveals, I'm excited to see what else they've got cooking [first and third party party collabs / exclusives / ports]!

3DS stuff will just be wasted time at this point.

Metroid would still be considered dead to its fans unless they start getting annual Prime and classic releases.

I mean Reggie says that all the time, even when all they have to show is an animal crossing and a metroid spin-off. So yeah.

Sun Mar 26 17 11:27am
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E3 2015 did have some pretty cool stuff going for it, though, like the NWC 2015 and the pre-conference with the EBB reveal. It probably only turned out as disappointingly as it did because of sudden changes of plan. Remember that BotW was supposed to be at that E3 before they pulled it at the last minute.

My theory is that Iwata found out his time was almost up shortly before E3 and hurriedly moved a bunch of Wii U stuff to the Switch except for some "filler" games they figured would be safe to leave on the Wii U. The event felt so bare because they probably had to pull a bunch of Wii U-branded trailers that were no longer accurate. And with E3 2016 dedicated almost entirely to BotW, that would mean there are projects that have been waiting to be shown off for two years.

And I hope you're right, I'm just not going to get excited for anything Reggie says pre-E3.

I don't want to hope or get too hype…

… also don't have a Switch so hoping the stock issue clears up soon.


Come at me with everything you've got, Nintendo.

Sun Mar 26 17 05:54am
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Kimishima is more agressive when it comes to marketing. A perfect marketing for a new gaming system would be showing of great games at an evet like E3. They have been silent too long now. I can believe we'll get some nice surprises at this E3.

Sun Mar 26 17 09:03am
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This is the same man who also said friend codes were gone. Take everything he says with a grain of salt and temper all expectations.

Sun Mar 26 17 09:15am
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I hate a!Are men! Never trust them!

EDIT: Nevermind. You edited your comment.

Ohhh I don't think there will be any shortage of salt and tempers either way. Gotta love this time of year! :D

It's Christmas/Yule for berds. WHat can be better? :D

Am I the only one who misses their live presentations?

Sun Mar 26 17 10:12am
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After the Switch live presentation I missed the prerecorded stuff

Nah, I think this year would be a prime contender to go back to it.

At this point the only thing that's lost on a prerecorded event that a live show has is flashy theatrics.

For me, there's at least one more thing, and it's a cheering crowd. Unless you consider that under flashy theatrics

The cheering crowd is great, but I think it has an analogue in the form of reaction videos/streams.
As much as I'd love something like the Zelda Symphony intro for E3 2011 or the Twilight Princess reveal, a digital conference has its benefits too and that's why I don't mind if we don't get a live show again.

Their E3 directs are much better.

I'm done getting hyped for Nintendo's E3's. Reggie says this every year we get hyped and then they fail to walk the walk. The last great E3 from Nintendo was 2010. So I'm not getting hyped up. I would like to see a Smash Bros. port announced, VC announcement, Netflix announcement, and Retro's new game revealed. But even then that's setting my expectations too high already..

Sun Mar 26 17 11:36am
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Are you kidding? E3 2014 nearly matched E3 2004 in terms of Nintendo hype. The entire industry almost unanimously considered them the "winner" of that E3.

I forgot what they even showed in 2014 until I just looked it up and like I said doesn't even come close to the greatness that was 2010. 2014 was Kirby Rainbow Curse, Captain Toad, Miis in Smash (the most boring/worst newcomer/feature in Smash 4 IMO), Mario Maker (which didn't even get hype worthy until the Nintendo World Championships the following year), Zelda teaser was cool but it was so short and it wasn't gameplay. Only real hype announcement on 2014 for me was Splatoon simply for the fact Nintendo created a brand new AAA IP.

Now let's look at 2010.... Goldeneye 007, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Golden Sun Dark Dawn, Skyward Sword (even though the technical hiccups diminished it's reveal), Mario Sports Mix, NBA Jam, Wii Party, Epic Mickey (which at the time of announcement looked awesome), Metroid Other M (which again looked awesome at the time). and finally the 3DS hardware reveal.

Opinions are subjective, but most people agree that Nintendo stole the show in 2014.
I personally consider 2004-2006, 2010, and 2014 to be the best E3s Nintendo has had.
I'm confident that this E3 will be a lot better than the last two ones, but I'm always holding back hype.

The last good E3 we ever got was during the Gamecube days. Man, I am getting old

Still, I want to see Fire Emblem Switch. What will not happen but would make me hyped to the point of tears would be a Smash Bros. Melee 2. Appart from that, my other unrealistic wishes includeva Golden Sun and a motion-less Star Fox.

Fox is using the GameCube/"Advance" font for their gamer segment logo.

I'll always be skeptical. Nintendo has underwhelmed so many times before. But it's a thing of beauty when they bring their A game. Make me a believer again, Nintendo. I want to want a Switch!

I am moderately hyped for E3, but not on the edge of my seat.
Although it's nice to see game announcements, it's tiring to see all the nerd rage when unrealistic expectations are not fulfilled.

Animal crossing on switch would be a definite killer app.

Did he say at the end, that he is playing a "new Mario sports title" for 3DS? Smile

Reggie says a lot of things.

I'd gladly accept a new Warioware title.

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