If their adding this Ultra Mini turbo, I would hope that they also cracked down on Fire Hoppibg.

Either Fire Hopping is completely out now, or Fire Hopping is about to get WAY more insane with this boost. Here's hoping it's out! I'd Fire Hop online because it was the way to win, but it looks silly. I'd much rather it not be in the game.

Same here, I'm tired of fire hoppers online.

I feel two ways about it. On one hand, I like that it's a next level technique, so when you use it right, it gets you a lot of speed. Exploit, yes. But very fun when you got a lot of fire hoppers battling it out.
On the other hand, it looks hella stupid. I mean, a car jumping for speed? I'd much rather have a third boost than a furiously hopping car. Plus, it brings the game back to a more racing level, rather than... I dunno.. a fighting game?

It also unbalances the games for bikes.

Very true. Finally, bikes will be fully competitive again!

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