GoNintendo Video Review - Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (bumped to the front)

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap was originally released all the way back in 1989. Nearly 30 years later, the game has been given a massive overhaul for the Switch and other consoles. Does this game stand the test of time?

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As yet another person who has not played the original and has no nostalgia factor, I have to agree that this looks fantastic! I shall be picking this up when it launches later today!

I wonder wich I should get first, this or Snake Pass?

Wonder Boy will likely give more immediate gratification, given it's platforming playstyle and fairly polished visuals.

Snake Pass is definitely worth it for the unique experience, but with the high learning curve from controls and inherently slower pace because of that learning curve, the payoff takes a bit longer to reach.

Just get and play both!

Ugh... why do these games launch so late in the day...?

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