Famitsu removes mention of 2017 from their Dragon Quest XI Switch page

We don't know when Dragon Quest XI is going to hit the Switch. That info is up in the air right now. With that said, Famitsu had the title listed for 2017 release on their official hub page. Now it seems they've updated the page with a basic "TBD" instead of the 2017 that's been there for awhile. Is Famitsu privy to some info, or are they just covering their bases?


I'll say it's the latter. They just assumed that it'll be 2017 but then figured they actually can't make that assumption

As long it come out for Switch I really want to play it at my bed lol.
Considering the Localization it will take other 2 years for out of Japan Release Sad

I believe it's just a natural result of the game's director, when questioned about the Switch released, said they could not say for sure whether the title would release on the same day as the other platforms, he said he could not say yes or no at this point. It could but it also couldn't. It was assumed to be 2017 up until that point, just like the other versions were until they were confirmed for July 29th. The lack of a clear answer on the status of the switch version, coupled with the lack of any visuals from that specific version, just puts its 2017 release in question.

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